Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

Appearing in my inbox was a rather interesting album by Dublin/ Wicklow duo Solar Bears. The album was released on the Planet Mu label and was released on 20th September.

Now if electronic music is your thing then this album is one that you would enjoy. The album actually surprised me electronic music is not my thing. I like my music with lyrics but the more tracks I listened on this album I started to enjoy it more. Actually it is rather relaxing and hypnotic. She Was Coloured In features 15 tracks and starts off with Forest Of Fountains and this was one of the first tracks John and Rian made together. There is actually a sample of Jack Nicholson from 1975 film The Passenger. My favourite track from the album has to be the second track Children Of The Times. Whereas Children Of The Times is my favourite track there are plenty more fantastic songs on the album. This is Electronica at its best. The album itself is rather soothing and is perfect to chill out to. The synths and beats in each song are incredible. Other personal highlights include Twin Stars, Cub and The Quiet Planet.

The album is the debut LP but the follow up to the bands first EP Inner Sunshine. Overall this is an enjoyable album and it is well worth listening to.  Below is the video to Children Of The Times and a link to the Myspace page.

Go on have a listen see what you think.


  1. Forest Of Fountains
  2. Children Of The Times
  3. Twin Stars
  4. She Was Coloured In
  5. Head Supernova
  6. Crystalline (Be Again)
  7. Cub
  8. Hidden Lake
  9. The Quiet Planet
  10. Solarization
  11. Division
  12. Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind
  13. Dolls
  14. Neon Colony
  15. Perpetual Meadow

To hear more from Solar Bears go to:


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