Little Noise Sessions – Ellie Goulding @ Union Chapel 20th November 2010

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Each year The Little Noise Sessions throw in one or two gigs that take your fancy. It was also the 5th Anniversary of these sessions. This was the 4th year running where I have attended one of these gigs. I will be honest here but none of the sessions stood out. Tom Jones was the most enticing but the £50 price put me off. The tickets were staggered the first to go on sale were the first three dates revealed. But it was the second lot that took my fancy. Now Ellie Goulding was free for the last session on 20th November and low and behold Ellie was confirmed. Now I have seen many great artists playing at the Union Chapel such as Kate Nash, Robyn, James Morrison, Katy Perry, The Fratellis, Alexandra Burke and Florence and the Machine. In fact at last years Florence gig Ellie actually opened up the night. Now that shows Goulding has come a long way from being the first artist on in 2009 and then headlining in 2010. The support on the night was pretty good as well. I was actually looking forward to seeing Lissie play. I was actually hoping for Ellie and Lissie teaming up for a song but that wasn’t to happen. Once inside the chapel I picked out the best pew. I joined the Backstage Area so I could get early entry. Where it said that you get priority entry to pick out the best pew isn’t technically true. The first 3 pews were reserved and these ones people went up to sit at. Still I got into the 4th row in the centre which was good and I did have a good view that evening. Opening up the evening was Benjamin Francis Leftwich and I enjoyed the short set played. The songs gave me a insight into what he offers. Little Noise is always fantastic for showcasing the hot upcoming talent. I will most definately keep tabs on him and I anticipate his full length EP which is released next month. The fact Benjamin is a songwriter as well as singer gets extra points.


Second on the night was Zimbabwe born Tinashe. He had the chapel captivated as he showcased material from debut album Saved. A album that has to be in everyones collection. I liked his synth pop styled music each of the tracks sounded fantastic. He also added humour into the set with banter which made the audience laugh. Tinashe is someone well worth looking into.


Lissie Maurus is someone who I know and love. The debut album Catching A Tiger which was released this year is a true gem so the fact she was supporting in the Union Chapel was wonderful. Non album track Here Before kicked things off and this is a lovely song. It is definately something special seeing her play in this setting as no one can go over 90db. When I’m Alone follows on and I love this song. It packs emotion and passion. The chorus is ever so strong. The latest single Every Where I Go was next and it is a power ballad which was delivered superbly. Her vocals are extrodinary no wonder gigs needed to be cancelled under the doctors advice. The fast infused In Sleep was next and after the song Lissie revealed she would be turning 28 at midnight. This then led to everyone singing happy birthday to her. Little Lovin’ ended the short but sweet set and this got the audience going. Everyone started clapping in unison towards the end of the song. I look forward to seeing Maurus play Shepherd’s Bush Empire on the 13th. I am guessing her evening may of involved plenty of Tequila.




Stornoway is a band I have heard of but I have never seen live. The short 6 song set showcased material from current debut album Beachcomber’s Windowsill. The type of style music that this band sing is a mix of Indie and Folk. I actually enjoyed the set. Each song was fantastic in there own way. Zorbing was about the New Zealand sport Zorbing but it was both Long Distance Lullaby and The End Of The Movie which were the special songs. Long Distance Lullaby was a experimental collaboration with The Keyboard Choir while for The End Of The Movie the song was sung completely acapella which was just amazing and spine tingling. The acoustics in this church are truly wonderful and the use of the little TV was just wow. Stornoway sung: The Coldharbour Road, Fuel Up, On The Rocks, Long Distance Lullaby, Zorbing and The End Of The Movie.

Now the set that Ellie performed was entirely special and also magical. I had a quick look at the set list before hand to see the running order of the songs. But due to technical difficulties that set list was thrown out of the window. “How is everyone” Goulding said before sitting on the stool provided for her. She launched into an acoustic version of Under The Sheets which was chilling. It sounded fantastic and special too. The song sounded alot mellower and I didn’t even miss the drums Ellie normally has beside her. Once the song was over the first technical difficulty of the night made its appearence. Basically Ellie’s microphone was not working apparently there was some problem with the sound desk. Still Goulding handled it extremely well and decided to play a acapella version of The End. “Can you hear that” she said before starting the song. “I will try my best, I really will. Lovely sound desk”. Now this was spine tingling as this will never ever happen again. It was so silent and Ellie’s vocals bounced off the walls so everyone could hear. The vocals were ever so strong and she carried off this song perfectly. It was then back to the set list for This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). This song is a favourite of mine but hearing it acoustic puts another spin on it and makes it even more magical. More PA problems became apparent. This one was with the guitar “You can’t really hear this guitar either. I’m so gutted about this”. So after a couple of seconds later the guitar sound was back. There was then banter about where she is from and the fact she misses home. Ellie also mentioned about University which got a cheer from the audience which Goulding was surprised that Uni got a cheer. The song being played was the beautiful Wish I Stayed. The string section fitted perfectly and it is so surreal seeing someone play and there is a errie silence from the audience. It was then onto Goulding’s version of The Temper Trap’s song Sweet Disposition. She does the song justice and makes it 100% her own. The vocals are sickly sweet and it is slightly haunting as well. Next a surprised guest was called onto the stage. This being Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons. Infact he produced Ellie’s emotional version of Your Song. Her take on Elton John’s classic is superb and Ben played the keyboard instead of Chris. Slushy ballad The Writer was next. This power ballad is tinged with emotion and sounds beautiful. I have actually gotten used to the backing singers. It was then onto Guns + Horses and it was delivered wonderfully. I love hearing acoustic versions of the singles because it makes it slightly special. Before launching into Salt Skin Ellie told the audience it’s about running away from your problems. No drum battle for this song but it was nice to see another twist on it. I loved the running movements and the song oozed energy. Every Time You Go was next up and Goulding mentioned it was supposed to be at the beginning of the set but then the PA problems arose. The penultimate song was Lights. Hearing a acoustic guitar being played was weird because I am so used to the version that I have heard on tour. Still this song is alot softer but it was rather energetic as well. There was only one song that was going to end such a magical evening and this was Starry Eyed. This time it was minus her drum. Now this song was extremely special and the backing singers added to the feel of the evening. Just when she finished there was a standing ovation which was well deserved.


Under The Sheets
The End
This Love
Wish I Stayed
Sweet Disposition
Your Song
The Writer
Guns + Horses
Salt Skin
Every Time You Go
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: This night was spell binding. Truly a magical evening that you can expect from every Little Noise Session. I would go as far to say this was the best Goulding headline gig Ever. Witnessing an acoustic set is something I don’t think will ever happen again. Even with all the PA problems Ellie handled herself remarkably. Also Goulding was wearing leather trousers which she said was not a wise thing to wear. As for the support Tinashe was enjoyable, Stornoway were amazing, Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a talent well worth looking out for and Lissie was simply fantastic.


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