Ellie Goulding @ Brighton Dome 22nd November 2010

After seeing Ellie play London at the HMV Apollo I was then able to make comparisons between the both. This weekend I went into Goulding overload seeing her play 3 times in 4 nights. Still if you really adore one artists music you will support them at every chance you get. I attended the Brighton date because it is the only other place that I could easily get to. It’s getting home which is a pain as the last train was at 11.37pm so miss that and you are screwed. Thankfully the Dome is in close proximity to the station meaning there was no sprints to make sure I was on the train. Anyhow I reached Brighton at 14.30pm early I know. But with Brighton being in Sussex I decided to take the fast train. Once off I headed straight to the Dome and I was the first one at the venue. It was bitterly cold outside how I managed to get through 5 hours pacing up and down in the cold I do not know. Some of the time I found myself going off and warming up in Cyber Candy. Yes I was tempted to by some candy but it is so expensive. So I then went back and there were a group of girls by the entrance. I then sat down and waited out the time left to go. Once inside I got to the barrier right centre only to move after a girl politely said she wanted to be with her friend. Opening up the night was 2 piece band Bright Light Bright Light. As I had already heard the set prior I was able to appreciate it more. The lead singer said he was inspired by 90’s Club music as he was too young to go to the clubs. I actually think they have their generations mixed up because I could see traits of 80’s club music such as Pet Shop Boys and Rick Astley in them. Still my favourite songs on the night had to be Love Part 2 and Good Times closely followed by Cry At Films. The set by Sunday Girl (Above) was exactly the same as the Friday. My favorite song had to be her short version of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok which had been slowed down. I would love to hear the full version live. Anyhow Self Control had everyone singing along to the chorus and the person who sang the loudest won the T Shirt. The winner was the girl who was next to me. Jade has something special and the album is one I am looking forward to have in my hands. Each song on the night was sung perfectly. Stop Hey had to be my favourite song on the night as the song is contagious and has a wonderful chorus you would want to sing along to. I liked opening song 24 Hours and Brixton is also one I would like to hear the studio version too.

At 9.30 it was then time for Ellie Goulding. The set played was slightly different to the one I had seen three nights prior. Still it was an amazing night and I really enjoyed myself. It actually was more relaxed compared to the London date and it was certainly more lively. The energy oozed from the moment everyone saw Ellie playing her on drum kit for opening number Under The Sheets. Now this song prooved to be a massive sing along as was This Love (Will Be You Downfall). Whereas Every Time You Go had everyone chanting to the oh oh oh bits. Ellie then goes onto say that the next song is about 16th century England. This song was her haunting take on Midlake’s Roscoe. She definately pulls it off and puts her own stamp on the song. Guns + Horses turned into a massive sing along. Every one was singing along with every word. When this happens it just seems so surreal. Once over Ellie went offstage and a video montage was displayed. After Goulding came back home and mentioned how much she misses home. The End then followed on and this song Goulding wrote when she was 18. Still wonderful song and I am so glad it features on Bright Lights. After Goulding launched herself in a beautiful acoustic version of Wish I Stayed. After Ellie mentioned that she became obsessed with Your Song. Again she adds her own twist to this classic. It is a tad emotional and everyone was singing along. Ths song deserves to be a number 1 as it was a real crowd pleaser. The Writer was next it is a song about not changing for anyone. It is beautiful too as well as being a slushy ballad. Everyone swayed their arms from side to side for this song. Your Biggest Mistake was written about a nasty boy while for Salt Skin Ellie revealed she couldn’t really call it Sweat. The powerful Lights ended a wonderful evening. After Goulding and the rest of the band went offstage only to return minutes later for the encore. “Is everyone OK” “Lots of smiley faces” Ellie said before going on to talk a little about Bright Lights. Human followed on and it is about wanting to be a better person. Everyone sang to the chorus with the line being “I would give my life to be a human”. This song is ever so beautiful and I cant wait for it to play in my CD player. It definately has single potential. Starry Eyed capped off an amazing night at the Dome. No glitter on the drumskin though but this didn’t dampen spirits. Everyone was literally going crazy.


Under The Sheets
This Love
Every Time You Go
Guns + Horses
The End
Wish I Stayed
Your Song
The Writer
Your Biggest Mistake
Salt Skin


Starry Eyed

OVERALL: This was another fantastic gig by Ellie. She is most definately getting more confident with interacting with the crowd. As for the new members of the band they have grown on me. Especially the backing singers whom add a different twist on all of the songs. Their backing vocals gel with Ellie’s perfectly. There was also a new guitarist who was wearing a groovy Xmas sweater. Now as for favourite song I can’t choose but Human definately stood out and it was rather energetic. As for the support I have grown to like Bright Light Bright Light and Sunday Girl was brilliant I really want to hear a longer set by her.


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  1. Habib Afridi says:

    wowww loveeee itttttttttttttttt

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