Ellie Goulding @ HMV Apollo 19th November 2010

Goulding embarked on a extension of The Lights Tour. The tour kicked off at the end of October and I was lucky enough to witness this incredible gig. I arrived outside the Apollo around 2.45 which was early but considering I am not a fan of the venue I wanted to make sure I got to the barrier. Running a Street Team for Ellie has made me meet some wonderful people and the fact that a small group were going to the same gig was nice. When we were all together the time did go slightly faster. Some of us were buzzing with adrenaline. There was also a saxophone player who kept on playing Your Song over and over again. At 7pm the doors opened and it was also good that the main doors wereopen as well. So we all made our way inside and got to the centre which I had hoped for. Opening up the night was two piece band Bright Light Bright Light. Now I am not sure what to make of them. I enjoyed the pop music that they sung but I cant really form an opinion if I have only seen the band once. Still the set was a short 6 songs which was disappointing as I was really getting into it. If I was to pick out one song from the set it would have to be Love Part II. That song was amazing. I would most definately would like to hear more material from this band.

Second on the night was Sunday Girl (aka Jade Williams). Now I have only seen Jade play live once before and that was headlining at Hoxton Hall. So as soon as I saw Sunday Girl was supporting Ellie on the Lights tour I knew I was in for a real treat. Goulding really does know how to pick the best support acts first Primary 1 then Leah Mason then Bright Light Bright Light and Sunday Girl. Well Jade is the cream of the crop and I most definately see getting big. The music she sings is bubblegum pop and each song is utterly contagious. The set was kept to 8 songs and it offered a taster of what to expect from the debut album. Also added into the mix was a short cover of Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Now this version was slower and Jade made it her own. Self Control got a tremendous response and people were singing away. The reason for that Jade said she wou;d chuck out a Sunday Girl T Shirt. Ending the set was forthcoming single Stop Hey which is released January 2011. This song is completely infectious and you will even find yourself singing along with the chorus. This is a electro pop song which sounded wonderful. Sunday Girl is someone to keep your eye on and I advise you to see her live before she does get the following Ellie has now.


24 Hours
Four Floors
Human Love
Self Control
All The Songs
Tik Tok
Stop Hey

The set by Ellie was incredible. Best performance yet. This tour was a step up from the one earlier on in the year. Tracks from Lights, Covers and a new song featured on the night. Opening up the night was Under The Sheets and that was incredible. There was a back drop which displayed video pieces. So Under The Sheets started to play and we then saw Goulding playing the drums which was a site to see. This infectious song was a massive sing long. This Love followed straight after and I really like this up tempo number I even found myself singing to it. The whole crowd sung along to Every Time You Go and they also sang to Goulding’s haunting version of Roscoe. Guns and Horses was up next and it was a real crowd pleaser every one was singing along to every word that was sung. Once that song was finished there was a little video montage.  “I always talk about my home town as I really miss it but my god I’m so happy to be in London tonight“. What followed was The End which didn’t feature on the album but appeared on Youtube. Ellie actually wrote it when she was really young. People sang to the beautiful song. It has a steady pace and the chorus is the best part. After it was onto a real treat this being Temper Trap cover Sweet Disposition. I have never heard this song live and the vocals are spine tingling/ sickly sweet. Ellie revealed that she doesn’t have a clue what the song is about. Beautiful song Wish I Stayed was next and was then followed by Your Song. For both tracks Chris Ketley was on the piano. As for Your Song it is both beautiful and emotional too. The way it is sung feels like it is very personal to you. It was then onto The Writer which is about not changing for anyone. This is a beautiful slushy ballad and cue arms swaying from side to side. However there was no lighters this time. If there were I didn’t see them. Your Biggest Mistake was about a nasty boy and Ellie mentioned he probably hasn’t heard the song. Well this song is extremely infectious and is up tempo as well. You can have a good dance to it. Penultimate song was Salt Skin which is about running away. The drum battle was incredible. Lights then capped off a wonderful night. The lanterns above were flickering on and off plus the video display showed lightbulbs. Regarding the song every one sung along to it and it is also really strong. “I’m so happy, Thankyou for that”. Once over they all exited the stage only to return minutes later. Ellie then said she has got back together with Starsmith for the songs that feature on the repackaged version of Lights cleverly titled Bright Lights. Human which is about being a better person is a lovely song which had a fast pace. Everyone sung the line “I would give my life”. I for one can wait to get my hands on the album so I can put the songs on repeat. Starry Eyed ended the night and as to be expected everyone was buzzing for this song. People were singing along while jumping up and down. The glitter on the drumskin was incredible and the confetti star shapes was truly something.


Under The Sheets
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Every Time You Go
Guns + Horses
The End
Sweet Disposition
Wish I Stayed
Your Song
The Writer
Your Biggest Mistake
Salt Skin


Starry Eyed

OVERALL: I will go as far to say this was the best Ellie Goulding gig to date. She is most definately progressing and I can’t wait to see how she tops this tour. The fact we got 3 covers which included Ellie’s own version of Sweet Disposition was truly something. It was also lovely to hear the end and new track Human was fantastic as well. As for the backing singers I didn’t quite take to them. I have seen Goulding plenty of times before and I am used to the original set up consisting of Joe Clegg, Chris Ketley and Maxwell Cooke. I am sure I will get used to the backing singers in time.


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