Klaxons @ HMV Forum 16th November 2010

I had never seen Klaxons live before. I had been a fan of debut album Myths Of The Near Future and everyone had been raving about the latest release Surfing The Void. Also I had missed the set at Reading due to seeing Blink 182 headline the main stage. Seeing them play at such an intimate venue was something I was looking forward to. I turned up at The Forum at 4pm thinking there will be a couple more people in the queue. The next people joined the queue around 6pm. It was actually freezing cold and at times like these I am surprised there has been no snow. The doors opened on time and once inside I made my way to the barrier. I had expected it to be warm inside but it wasn’t. I had my coat zipped up all throughout the set by Fiction. It was then a 60 minute wait till Fiction took the stage. They did something you should not really do at a sold out gig full of Klaxons fans. This was the fact they took the stage 15 minutes late. Quite alot of the audience were getting irritated. I have seen them many times supporting and even though they have good songs I am not necessary a big fan of their music.

The set by Klaxons was a mixture of material from both albums. The four piece band sing indie/ rave music and the set they delivered was pretty intense. Literally everyone was surging to the front raving to every song. There was even a pick pocket at large as security were trying to find him. In fact credit cards which were found were given in after the gig. Still opening the night was Flashover taken from album Surfing The Void. The intro before the song had a eastern feel to it and when they eventually did come on each member was wearing different cover balaclavas on their heads. If you have ever seen Fonejacker it was like that. Still it was a powerful song to open with and the stage design was fantastic. After the tracks from the current album continued this was The Same Space. The balaclavas had been taken off.  A couple of tracks from Myths Of The Near Future were played these songs being As Above, As Below and Gravity’s Rainbow. The reaction these two songs got was crazy. Venusia and Valley Of The Calm Trees were up next while Golden Skans had everyone raving to the song. There were people singing along, people surging their way to the barrier and lots of jumping up and down. Following the song was Twin Flames but my favourite on the night had to be Two Receivers. I loved this song. The final song taken from the debut album was Magick which was sung perfectly. I found that most of the songs had a rock edge as well. Ending the night was two Surfing The Void songs. Cypherspeed oozed energy and it was delivered strongly. Towards the end everyone started clapping along in unison. Closing the set was Echoes and what a song to end on. Once over people were chanting for more and as expected there was a encore. Kicking the encore off was the bands take on It’s Not Over Yet. True to word it was not over the chorus has to be the best part of the song. Surfing The Void was then up next again it was delivered strongly and has to be one of my favourites from the album with the same name. Alantis To Interzone was the final song on the night. The audience were very rowdy during this fast paced song and they also sang along.


The Same Space
As Above, So Below
Gravity’s Rainbow
Valley Of The Calm Trees
Golden Skans
Twin Flames
Two Receivers


It’s Not Over Yet
Surfing The Void
Alantis To Interzone

OVERALL: Memorable night and I would do it all again. It was the first time I had heard any tracks from Surfing The Void and my opinion is that they are brilliant. I most definately will pick up the album on vinyl at some point. It was nice to see tracks from the debut album played. I would like to see the Klaxons play again as I really enjoyed the night but I am not that fussed when that will be.


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