Paramore @ o2 Arena 13th November 2010

I would have to say what makes a gig amazing is the atmosphrere and this night had bundles of it. I arrived at the o2 Arena around 3.30pm. I had early entry so I  didn’t have to turn up extra extra early. Doors opened at 5.45 and all the people with early entry power walked to the front. I got to the barrier left centre. This was an amazing position but chose to be my downfall during the time Paramore took to the stage. Basically the front barrier got so tight I was pushed out a la Green Day at Wembley Stadium. Opening up the night was three piece band Fun. In fact there wasn’t just 3 people on stage they were joined by other people. All the tracks sung on the night were from current album Aim and Ignite. Plus there was a interesting cover of Queen’s Radio Gaga. I really enkoyed the songs sung on the night. The style of the music was pop and they were a nice band to open the night. Even though I liked the music I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again. Maybe if they headlined in the UK but at a small intimate venue maybe I would attend.

B.o.B was the second support on the night. The set supported the debut album The Adventures Of Bobby Ray and was 11 songs long. B.o.B is most known for Airplanes which was sung with Hayley Williams of Paramore. Even though the album features many different artists collaborating with B.o.B the only other collaborator apart from Hayley Williams was Playboy Tre. Now I am not a huge fan but I really like the music. The highlights of the set had to be the final three songs. I loved Nothin’ On You even though Bruno Mars didn’t make an appearence, the MGMT cover Kids was extrodinary and unique and Airplanes with Hayley was fanstic. The crowd went crazy for her. Hayley was in a puffa jacket and there were paper airplanes thrown into the crowd.

When the set ended there was a massive black curtain that came down onto the ground. There was pandemonium when Paramore took to the stage. The screams were deafening.  We could only see Hayley’s silhouette then the curtain dropped down for the first song on the night Ignorance. The stage looked amazing swinging lightbulbs from the ceiling and there was plenty of singing along to this song. After the song had ended the band launched into Feeling Sorry which got the screams and had people chanting along. Judging from the reaction this was a fans favourite.  “Hello London” Willams said after standing in awe of the reception that they were getting. “We Are Paramore” she went on to say before finishing the song. That’s What You Get was a real crowd pleaser everyone was singing along to every word. It is a catchy song and there was plenty of jumping up and down. “Is That All You Got” Hayley said during the song. Loads of energy flowed from this song. “London, England How You Doing” Hayley told the crowd. There was then quite alot of banter where Hayley told everyone that the show was going to be alot better than the Reading/ Leeds slot. Next up was a fast song and this being For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic. Now there was plenty of singing along and loads of movement. It was then onto Emergency which I never heard live before. This again is a powerful song and extremely infectious. So after plenty of cheers it was onto the forthcoming single Playing God. I must admit this has to be one of my favourite tracks from Brand New Eyes. The lyrics are so catchy even I found myself singing alond to the chorus. The uptempo and strong Careful was next on the night. Hayley delivered it perfectly.

Decode was a strong song and the videos being shown on the screen behind them were fantastic. As for the song it is upbeat and was the song that gained them more fans as it featured on the Twilight soundtrack. The next four songs were special this was because they were completely stripped down and acoustic. First being Never Let This Go. I like acoustic songs but this was incredible. Everyone was singing along with every word. Next up in the aucostic set was When It Rains and they all sat down for this song. Again this was a real crowd pleaser. Where The Lines Overlap is another favourite of mine and I loved its fast pace. While Misguided Ghosts sounded ever so beautiful. For CrushCrushCrush I didn’t get crushed but I managed to get pushed into the mosh pit area. It was mental during this song. There was lots of pushing from side to side and at one point it felt people were going to fall onto the floor. “This song goes to anyone who has stuck with us for the past 6 years” Williams said before launching into Pressue. Seeing the flip in front of my eyes was amazing. “Welcome To The Family” Hayley said when asking the crowd who has never been to a Paramore show before. The band is then introduced to all the first timers. The up tempo Looking Up followed on and what was being shown on the screen behind the band was excellent. The night ended with The Only Exception and this is the closest Paramore come to a ballad. I admit it is a slightly emotional song. The band went offstage only to come on for a encore which at first consisted of Brick By Boring Brick. This was a catchy song which had plenty of people singing along. I love the chorus of this song. Things ended with Misery Business and this song was mental. The crowd were going crazy and Williams had introduced a friend onstage. This being Josh Francesci from You Me At Six. This was a real treat seeing two people from two amazing bands singing the one song.


Feeling Sorry
That’s What You Get
For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
Playing God
Never Let This Go
When It Rains
Where The Lines Overlap
Misguided Ghosts
Looking Up
The Only Exception


Brick By Boring Brick
Misery Business

OVERALL: As Hayley said this was the best show they had played beating Wembley Arena last year. “How are you going to top next time when we’re back” she went on to say. This was a fantaastic night and it was a real treat to hear songs that I haven’t heard them sing live. This was the third time I had seen the band play and I will most definately attend when they are next back. I suspect they will play to a sold out Wembley Stadium. But considering they have played in the Winter in 2009 and 2010 would they play Winter 2011 at a open air Wembley Stadium I don’t think so.


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