Diana Vickers @ Koko 12th November 2010

I arrived outside the Koko at 2.20pm only to find there were already a queue of people waiting by the doors. Whe I reached the venue I witnessed a space hopper race which was hilarious. Quite a few Vickerites were already there having queued from about 10 in the morning. It is so nice when the artist has fans like that whom adore that one person. Diana is extremely unique and I know for a fact that she fully appreciates the support she gets from these guys. The 3 and a bit hours wainting in the queue were quite enjoyable. Yes it was freezing cold but it was great to talk to other fans and the Vickerites were really nice as well. Some of them were doing the whole 6 date tour. With this date being Diana gig Number 3. That is something I would like to do see one specific artist at a venue other than Brighton or London (Glasgow or Manchester are places I would want to go to). As for the venue it was extremely nice of them to hand out umbrellas and ponchos to the people who were standing in the pouring rain. But the way the queue was organised was pretty poor as barriers weren’t put out till 5.30ish. Still everyone was let in n time. Security checked everyones bag confiscating food. I found it extremely harsh that one girl had chocolate taken away which was going to be for Vickers after the gig had finished. There had been whisperings that everyone would be confined to the balcony but this just turned out to be a rumour. Once I had my ticket stub ripped off I then made my way to the stage. I managed to get barrier but far right and it was then a wait till the support act. The support act was actually someone I was really looking forward to. What was performed was a sparkly 7 song set by Jess Morgan (AKA Spark). Now I have seen Jess a number of times the first being at Bloomsbury Ballroom. Both new and old songs were sung and the newies actually sounded amazing. Opening up the set was the latest offering Revolving which is being released on white vinyl on Neon Gold Records. It actually has a dark tone and whenever I hear the song I think of Panic At The Disco’s song I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Damage Done was next up and I love this song. It is much more softer and was delivered beautifully. I love the songs steady pace and the chorus. Where as Scream is a powerful song with a high pitched chorus. It was then onto three consecutive new songs Crave being the first. For Running the moment the band kicks in that is when the song gets stronger then the pace is faster. The chorus is fantastic and this song must feature on the debut album. The lyrics are fantastic as well. My favourite song out the three newies was Pieces. This song was most definately a Masterpiece. Ending the set was Blow and this song is the most obvious to end sets. Pace wise it is like a hurricane. As for the set it was spectacular and I am positive that there were loads of Spark fans by the end of the night. There was also plugging of new single Revolving and the twitter/ myspace/ facebook addresses which is sparkthemusic. Also the band got recognition which was good. As for the new songs they were fantastic with Pieces just edging it. There is definately alot of material for the debut album. I was a little surprised Shut Out The Moon did not feature in the set considering it was the debut single.

Vickers then cam onto the stage 30 minutes later. “London” she screamed before launching into the catchy Remake Me and You. Diana was wearing a blue mini dress which was feathered at the top. She is definately a mover and went over to both sides aof the stage. The chorus is extremely infectious and it is a song you can dance about to. In fact there were people on the barrier having a dance to it. This song was a rather energetic one to open with and it was clear Diana was feeding off the reaction fron the crowd. “Come On Guys” Vickers said before launching into the beautiful Never Get To Heaven. This song is a powerful song which had the audience in a frezy. The chorus was one you can have a good jump too. Once over the song was over there was a tremendous reaction and I think Diana was a little overwhelmed with the response she got. Before the next song there was some banter with the audience. “I am Vickers and I’m here to have a really good time”  and I reckon she did have a good time. “Who likes Snow Patrol” Diana said before telling the crowd the background story of Just Say Yes. She told everyone with the tussle she had with Gazza L who gave her the song but then took it back from her. Diana truly has made her own mark on this upbeat song and I prefer this version compared to the Snow Patrol version. Emotional song Put It Back Together Again followed and this song was written by Nerina Pallot. The song meant alot to Nerina P but Vickers does it justice and I know for a fact Nerina would be proud of her version. It is a beautiful ballad which was belted out. After there was then a bit of banter with the crowd in which she revealed that she used to hang out with bad boys. “It’s a summer song and it’s really minging outside so you’ll have to pretend” Vickers said before launching into Jumping Into Rivers. This is a wonderful song and the summertime feel to it is obvious. It is very uptempo and there wasn’t as much jumping like when I first saw this song live at Monto Water Rats (where Diana kept jumping and the microphone unplugged itself). A friend was then introduced to the stage for the next song. This being Tommy the Trumpet who has been having bowel problems. The song being the energetic My Hip which was sung at ease. Considering Tommy’s bowel problems Diana didn’t get a note wrong. Second single The Boy Who Murdered Love came next. It is a strong uptempo song one that I adore. The lyrics are so infectious and Vickers even did the gun actions. It was then onto a sneak preview of what is to come from the second LP. This song being More Than This. I honestly think this could make it as a single. I loved Diana’s airplane movements and I am itching to hear the studio version. Slushy song Four Leaf Clover followed on. It is the first song Vickers wrote and it was simpy beautiful. There was plenty of arm swaying for Notice. Again this is slightly emotional as the lyrics are beautiful. Ending the night was My Wicked Heart and this song was belted out. It was nice to see this song sung live after having only seen it on The X Factor. Diana truly has something special and I for one cant wait to hear the new material. So after the band and Diana go offstage only to return for the encore. There was only one song it could be and this was debut single Once. Before singing the song she thanks the fans which touched alot of people. This song oozed energy and even the crowd joined in when Vickers had the microphone pointed to the crowd.


Remake Me And You
Never Get To Heaven
Just Say Yes
Put It Back Together Again
Jumping Into Rivers
My Hip
The Boy Who Murdered Love
More Than This
Four Leaf Clover
My Wicked Heart



OVERALL: This was one amazing night at the Koko. The atmosphere was electric and there was plenty of singing during Once. The best gigs are always the ones with an electric atmosphere.


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  1. carter says:

    Diana Vickers God RULSSSSSSS

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