Cruella Ribbons – 8 Track Promo

For those who don’t know Cruella Ribbons was just Kelly White. Kelly who was a Equation 2 years then decided to give it a try as being a solo artist. Recently White formed a band which consist of  3 other members. The other members include Katie Adkins-Twumasi, Nathaniel Lyles and Mikey Collins. At the moment I haven’t seen the band play together as of this moment but I am sure they all gel together pretty well. In fact on Tuesday 16th November the band are set to play in Croatia.

Well back to the demo. Something dropped through my door and once I opened it I discovered it was a 2 track promo by Cruella Ribbons. The artwork was amazing and the sachet of Earl Grey Tea was wonderful. Just opening the plastic wallet made the fragrance waft out. There were just two tracks on the CD these included Sunshine To My Showers and The One. The style of the music is a mix between Punk and Pop. Both the tracks are amazing but Sunshine To My Showers just edges it. This song has a wonderful beat and it is sung at at a steady pace. Towards the end of the song there is a fantastic guitar solo. As for The One it takes 30 seconds till the lyrics kicked in. Lyrics wise they are very in your face and delivered at a fast pace. Overall this CD sounds incredible and I for one can’t wait for the proper studio versions.

Both songs are on the Cruella Ribbons Myspace page:


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