Marina and the Diamonds @ Roundhouse 8th November 2010

Day One of Marina’s two nights in London. This night the gig was taking place at the iconic venue The Roundhouse which is buried in Chalk Farm. This was her biggest gig to date as Diamadis played to 3000+ people. It was actually quite nice being in the same area where I first saw Marina last April. I arrived at the venue at 3.30pm. There were already 6 people there and to be honest I was surprised 6 people were there at that time. It was bitterly cold outside but the best thing about the Roundhouse is that you can freely go in and warm up. Marina arrived at 4.30pm and signed and had photos with the 10 people that were there. It was actually nice to get a hug and she said to me It’s been so long. After what seemed like forever the security started to let everyone in. This was about 6.10pm which was early but it was nice to sit somewhere warm. The main doors opened 7 on the dot. I then walked at a fast pace to get to the barrier. I knew I was going to be at the front but I wanted to be left centre. It was actually quite handy as the fan that was onstage pointed to where Marina would be. So I stood left to the fan and then waited till 8.15 for the support to take to the stage. I actually had my reservations of what CocknBullKid would sound like. I was aware of the band but I had not heard any music by them. So this was my first time I had heard any material by the band and I was pleasently suprised. The set included the current single One Eyed Closed, CocknBullKid which you can download if you got a wristband, Asthma Attack which was a ode to London and others which will no doubt feature on the debut album. One track that is well worth looking out for was I Deserve It which was the last song sung on the night. There was a furious pace and it can definately get you moving.

At 9.15 it was then onto the headiner. This being Marina and the Diamonds. Technical difficulties were apparent throughout the night even though Diamandis thought they were all over after Seventeen. The main technical difficulty was the backdrop which played the interlude videos and footage in each songs. In fact during one song the backdrop was a windows cursor. Opening up the night was The Family Jewels. This basically served as a introduction and the song was cut down from its original 4 minutes. It was delivered ever so strongly and had the crowd screaming. Once over Diamandis went straight into The Outsider. The song itself is both strong and there is a fast tempo I adore. Girls sounded fantastic and there is a part which is spoken. The line being “Making Money Off Our Insecurity and Doubt”. The spoken bits actually work. Seventeen has a dark tone but at the same time it is extremely catchy. Next it was onto Are You Satified? a song I had never heard live before. It is the opening track on the album and it is an amazing song outright. Rootless was sung strongly while Hermit The Frog was extremely powerful. The song started with a few lines sung as acapella. Once the song was over it was time for a costume change. Diamandis then came back onto the stage wearing a belt with a heart on. I Am Not A Robot turned out to be a massive sing along. Marina then made her way to the keyboard for Obsessions. This song went down well with the crowd and I love the quirky second verse.

A new ish song that some people may of heard and some may of not heard was next. This song which appears on the 2nd album is Jealousy. Marina tells the crowd that she was impulsive and posted material online prior to getting a record deal. Being a Marina fan pre Family Jewels I am so glad it does finally get its outing. Jealousy is a fantastic song and I wonder if Marina is the type of girlfriend that gets jealous? A couple of lines of Oh No were sung acapella which sounded perfect.. Marina has the perfect vocal range for singing a capella. This then led into a powerful version of the song which oozed plenty of energy. The one this I like is Marina is a mover she is not on of these artists that justs stands at the microphone. Shampain turned into another sing along as Diamandis got the audience to repeat lines. For Mowgli’s Road Marina wore this hat with feathers you could say it resembled what indians would wear. Ending the night was the epic Guilty. It is a nice catchy song but again there is a slight dark tone to it. My favourite bit of the song had to be the choreographed bit at the end. The band left the stage only for Marina to return moments later to give a speech about how she doesn’t take her fans for granted which is 100% true. So once she said her piece Diamandis made the way to the keyboard to play quieter number Numb. Honestly Marina does like toying with the audience stopping and starting making the crowd think the song was over resulting in claps. When the song finished Marina went offstage only for the band to return. This was a interlude to the final song on the night Hollywood. Once back onstage Diamandis was holding a burger and a bucket of popcorn in the other hand. Still it was a lovely song to end on which was rather energetic. There was also ticker tape as well plus plenty of jumping.


The Family Jewels
The Outsider
Are You Satisfied?
Hermit The Frog
I Am Not A Robot
Oh No!
Mowgli’s Road



OVERALL: Fantastic night at The Roundhouse. This was the 1st out of 2 nights in London and will be the last till 2011. After her performance of Hollywood I hope she doesn’t become to Americanized when she tours there. During Hollywood she was wearing American flag trousers and cowboy boots with the McDonalds logo on.


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