Claire Nicolson – Toothpaste and Whisky

22nd November sees the release of double A side Toothpaste and Whisky/ Scorpion by Claire Nicolson. This single is released on her own label Canned Records and will feature on debut album 52 Card Pick Up. Nicolson has worked with many different artists such as the likes of Kula Shaker, Dodgy and Melanie C to name but a few. Now she wants to become an solo artist in her own right.

When the promo copy arrived through my letterbox I didn’t listen to it straight away. Instead I took to the internet to find out more about Claire and that is when I saw the music video for Toothpaste and Whisky. Now the video sucked me in and the song just geled with it. Regading the video it was both unusual and it seemed rather eccentric. But because of that it made me want to replay the video over and over. Now I don’t know what the actual concept was but with the people wearing heads of animals reminded me alot of Egytian Mythology and the different gods they had. So after seeing the video mutiple times I then decided to fire up the CD. Toothpaste and Whisky has an upbeat chorus, it is a fun song which also has a blues feel to it. The harmonica bits which are provided by Nick Reynold’s of Alabama 3 are truly remarkable.

It was the other half of the single that surprised me. While Toothpaste and Whisky was both upbeat and uptempo Scorpion is a ballad. It is alot softer and mellower. Showcasing two different sides is excellent it shows that you are versatile and can sing different styles of music. The song is actually dedicated to the scorpion Claire shared her room with when she wrote debut album 52 Card Pick Up. The lyrics are actually really beautiful and Nicolson refers to the Scorpion as being her little devil. This song actually went down well throughout the recent Irish “Sing For Your Supper” tour.

Toothpaste and Whisky/ Scorpion is released on Canned Records (22/11/10)

Debut album 52 Card Pick Up is due to be released Early 2011

For more on Claire go to:


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