Pearl and the Puppets @ Gibson Rooms 4th November 2010

Now I like coming across new artists and supporting them throughout their career. This time I was off to see Pearl and the Puppets. The 4 piece band is fronted by Katie Sutherland and I have seen them three times prior to this night. The style of music is pop and the songs never fails to Make Me Smile. Katie’s vocals are extremely distinctive and she has something ever so special. I managed to get on the guest list for this even after Katie tweeted she would be playing and wanted names of who would like to attend. With the fact who else was playing was not known resulted me getting there early. So I arrived outside the Gibson Guitar Studios at 4.15on not knowing who was playing. I overheard it was a showcase and the last showcase I went to each band played for 15 minutes each. The doors opened on time and when I had my name crossed off from the guest list I was presented with 2 cd promos then made my way up the spiral staircase. I then got to the front and then grabbed a Pepsi only to find tokens should of been given out.  Opening up the night was 16 year old Misty Miller. It was just Misty on a stool with her ukelele. There may of been 4 songs sung but they were enough to wet your appetite for more material. The style of music was folk meets pop and I enjoyed the acousticness of the set. Well the songs sung included (I think) Remember, Evergreen Love, Home which are all from the current EP Remember while Wild Thing will mostly feature on the forthcoming debut album. Second on the night was Gareth Dunlop and he was pure folk. His vocals were strong and songs were superb. My favourite song had to be Firefly.

Around 8.20 Pearl and the Puppets took to the stage. With alot of material it is hard to just pick 4 songs. I had heard beforehand Katie was just going to perform three songs. Every one had moved forward and the first song which was played was Because I Do. This is the most mainstream song as it has featured in Tamara Drewe. Still it is a uptempo song and it is beautiful as well. It is actually extremely infectious especially the line “Because I Do like you, I do like you today”.  Katie then took to the Ukelele for the next song. “Every thing’s really quiet, I feel like i’m making too much noise” Katie said before launching into Kisses. This is a upbeat song which Katie delivered perfectly. I especially like the chorus and the vocals are extremely unique. Ending the 15 minute set was Make Me Smile. There were a couple of groans and Katie said “Their not fine anymore” referring to the two guys that said they were fine when Sutherland saind “How are you all”. Still before launching into the song she revealed that the album was coming out soon.  Still Make Me Smile does exactly what it says on the tin. It can easily Make Me Smile. There is something special about the band that makes them stand out from the rest. This song was both beautiful and mesmerizing. I also liked the fast pace of the song.

OVERALL: Once the night was over Steve and I milled about as the drinks were still free. We got to have a chat with Katie which was extremely nice which she revealed there will be somehing coming out in January (a EP if I remember correctly) before the album is released in February. It will be nice for her to do a proper UK tour and visit places other than Scotland and London as I reckon her fanbase can grow. So after three Pepsi’s later we then leave the studios to make our way home after having witnessed something fantastic.


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