The Wombats @ Heaven 26th October 2010

This was the first time I had seen The Wombats play since 2008. I mainly got a ticket for this event because Heaven is such an intimate venue. The capacity is only 1625, that may seem like a lot but considering I saw them at Brixton Academy and that has a standing capacity of 3000. This tour was billed as Back To The Bogs and the band were going to smaller venues to road test new material. The Heaven night sold out which saw the group release dates for a tour in January 2011. In fact in January they will be playing HMV Apollo where the capacity is 5000 standing 3000 seating. I got to Heaven at 5.30ish and I was truly stunned to be 8th in the queue. I was then joined by Ellie and Jenny which was nice. It is always nice going to a gig which your friends are going too. Apparently the first 2 people in the queue had been there since 8.30am. What was the point? Again that shows how badly you can judge gigs if you go on past popularity. Once inside both Ellie, Jenny and myself got on the small front barrier. Not in the centre but slightly to the right hand side. There were two support acts the first which I didn’t get the name of and the second being Apples who sung a stunning acapella version of Dreaming Of You by The Coral.

Headlining was The Wombats and yes there was crushing but there was a lack of crowd surfers. In fact there was just the one crowd surfer. Once the night was over I left feeling physically drained. Still the security were top notch handing out bottles of water to the people that wanted it. The set was only 12 songs long 5 of them were new and the rest take from debut album A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation. The crowd were electric cheering the moment they came stage. “Let’s do this London” Murph said before launching into Kill The Director. This was extremely energetic and the crowd were singing along to every single word. Party In A Forest (Where’s Laura?) followed on and I like the beat and the pace of the song. It was then to the only new song we had heard this being Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves). “I want to see everyone with one finger raised to the sky” Murph told the crowd. As soon as the song started the crowd was going crazy. The song in fact has a really nice chorus. “Turbo clap time” Murph said before launching into Patricia The Stripper. Again there was plenty of singing along and jumping about. Next it was a double dose of new songs. “We’re going to play a new song for you now, that’s the kind of these gigs” Murph said. It does sound a lot different to prior material it started off all synthy but has really catchy lyrics and then gets stronger the further on in the song. The song in question was I Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan. Now Schumacher The Champagne did not captivate me maybe it is a song that takes time to grow on you. It was then back to the old songs this being Here Comes The Anxiety. This turned out to be another sing along. The first line of the song is “This is the darkest song I’ve ever wrote”. To be honest I didn’t find this song dark. Still it is amazing song. Backfire At The Disco followed on immediately and this song was a real crowd pleaser. Two new songs then followed  the first being Jump Into The Fog which is a song you could mosh too but it was wom ballad Anti D which impressed me. This took the band in a new direction and they actually pulled it off. This ballad was lovely and there were even people waving lighters in the air. Moving To New York was the last song on the night which got the crowd moving. Before playing the song they mentioned that there would be a song after Moving To New York which would be the encore. Murph also said that the encore was too predictable and they hadn’t mastered the art of it. The atmosphere was both tense and felt electric. So the encore was Let’s Dance To Joy Division even though Murph had said what song shall we play. There were chants of Norwegian Post Song but it was clear the final song had been chosen. “Let’s be angels for four minutes” Murph said before the band launched into Let’s Dance To Joy Division. It turned into another sing along with the whole crowd chanting back the lyrics. There was plenty of jumping up and down as well. I really enjoyed this fast paced song and the crowd literally erupted. So after the song had finished the band went offstage and people we chanting for an encore which wasn’t going to come.


Kill The Director
Party In A Forest (Where’s Laura?)
Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)
Patricia The Stripper
I Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan
Schumacher The Champagne
Here Comes The Anxiety
Backfire At The Disco
Jump Into The Fog
Anti D
Moving To New York
Let’s Dance To Joy Division

OVERALL: The Wombats are well and truly back with new songs which sound fantastic. They can also belt out the old ones at ease as well. I for one can’t wait for the new album and getting used to all the songs on it. This night was extremely special because it is not often you will see them play in such a small venue. All in all I enjoyed this night so much and I left Heaven with the sense of satisfaction from what I just witnessed.


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