Eliza Doolittle @ Bush Hall 25th October 2010

I arrived at Bush Hall around 5pm. Only to discover two people were queueing. This was surprising compared it was a sold out gig and it was also start of half term. Waiting for the doors to open was pure hell. They opened just after 7.30pm but it was bitterley cold outside. The night kicked off with Tinashe. I have seen him play quite a few times and I like the style of pop music he sang. Once I was in the main hall Tinashe was just finishing his soundcheck. I think they realised that people weren’t supposed to go in straight away. What was strange is they had a row of seats which was used as a barrier. Hailing from Zimbabwe this set mainly focused on tracks from debut album Saved. My favourite song from the set had to be Good Times it is extremely upbeat. The thought crossed my mind that Katie from Pearl and the Puppets would duet for Skinny Love but that unfortunately didn’t happen. Still the songs sung are feel good songs and I most definitely want to hear the debut album Saved.


The Feeling
Mr Presumption
A Liar
If You Say So
Good Times

The stage then went dark and the band then came onstage and started to play the intro for the first song on the Eliza set list. The guitar wasn’t producing any sound though which delayed things a little. But as soon as it was sorted Eliza came strolling onto the stage opening with Missing. The crowd were loving every single minute of this song and it is so nice to catch someone who will be big in such an intimate venue. “Who likes Skinny Jeans” Doolittle asked the crowd. The crowd then cheer and Eliza responds by saying “I don’t”. Skinny Genes was delivered strongly and sounded amazing. Now Money Box has a fast chorus that I really adore that bit actually sounds a bit country. Also Eliza references different currencies. I honestly think this would make a good single as it is a song which is up tempo and will get you moving. Doolittle then introduces the next song as Go Home but advises the audience not to go home. Nobody was a nice song it is a lot softer compared to the other songs. For Back 2 Front was a steady song and listening to the lyrics you get the jist of the song. It is very beautiful at the same time too. The room was split in two for A Smokey Room and it was a massive sing along. Now So High was a powerful song and it was so different to the other songs sung on the night. For Police Car Eliza performed the song with just her guitarist Charlie. Rollerblades was funny Eliza started to sing the song and paused for a second. “Oh Shit” she said after kicking over her 2nd bottle of water. She shrugged this off and carried on to deliver a faultless performance which in fact got cheers throughout the song. What was played after was special. Doolittle said this was something she did something especially for Youtube in the US and how she shouldn’t really perform it. This song was Fuck You which was originally sung by Cee Lo Green. This version Eliza made her own and she even ad libbed some words. The crowd lapped this cover up. The final song on the night was Pack Up which featured Lloyd Wade. I couldn’t find a better song to add on. Yes the song may have a summery feel to it but just hearing it transports you back to summertime. The song itself is extremely infectious and Eliza even had to hold up her mic to Wade for the chorus. Lloyd Wade has a belting voice. Once over they all went offstage only to come back on as there were chants for a encore. The first song was another cover that she had sung on Radio 1 Live Lounge the Friday before. This was Labrinth’s Let The Sun Shine. It was incredibly unique and the chorus was belted out. When you hear covers or new songs which aren’t available anywhere always makes that night special. Ending the encore was Mr Medicine. Before the song Eliza said keep on supporting me and I will get to make a 2nd album. This is a song you can sing along to and dance to at the same time.


Skinny Genes
Money Box
Go Home
Back 2 Front
A Smokey Room
So High
Police Car
Fuck You
Pack Up


Let The Sun Shine
Mr Medicine

OVERALL: After this phenomenal set I made my way home on a high. Eliza is a true talent and I see another solo tour next year. This night at Bush Hall was sold out but it looked extremely spacey inside the hall.


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