KT Tunstall @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 20th October 2010

I arrived at Shepherd’s Bush Empire at around 4.30pm. There were already 6 people queuing. From that moment I decided to play the o2 Priority card. Yes it may be unfair to some people but if you want to be at the front it has to be done. If I didn’t play it I would still be at the front but not where I would of liked to have been. So I then started to sit outside the middle doors. This would be the entrance for o2 customers. It was freezing cold outside and as soon as the doors opened the battery decides to fall out of my phone (my phone the back of it is the battery). After I put the battery back on it said please insert sim card. I was literally panicking the doors had opened and I was left like this. Thankfully the security guy let me in as I showed it had a o2 sim card. Once through I managed to get centre spot which was nice. It was then a hours wait till the only support. Why doors opened at 7pm I do not know. I would of chosen 7.30pm because it makes the wait time for the support act shorter. The fact Slow Club were supporting was an added bonus. I love Slow Club Charles and Rebecca are the nicest people you would ever meet. However they are not a support act. The set was wonderful and it focused on the new songs which were Rotten Mouth, If We’re Still Alive, Hackney Marsh and Gold Mountain. Plus the old classics I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream, Trophy Room and Giving Up On Love. All the old songs were from the album we were all going to buy after the show. The banter by Rebecca was hilarious as ever. Whatever she says can make you smile. She has previously tweeted about the need for a new drum kit and I could see why a new one is needed. Basically the drum had a massive hole in it. The one thing I disliked was the fact that there were people talking throughout the set. Yes it may not be to peoples liking but she the artist some respect. There were a few problems with the sound but overall another fantastic performance by Slow Club.

This was the first time I had experienced a live set by KT Tunstall. Yes I had attended the HMV instore but this night delved further into the album and also featured some old classics. The one thing I liked is Tunstall sung every song of the new album Tiger Suit plus songs from her back catalogue. This impressed me because it is not often you get an artist playing the entire album. The backdrop was incredible it was basically KT with a florescent tiger wig on. “Hello London” Tunstall said to the audience before promising to play some “new schnizzle”. Opening up the night was Glamour Puss. This song is a favourite of mine and it was more rocked up. Reason being was there was a backing band which included the remarkable Charlotte Hatherley. Tunstall then went onto say that she wrote Uummannaq Song in Greenland and there are 4 huskies for each man. “How are you Shepherd’s Bush?” “Has anyone split up with someone”  she said before playing Come On, Get In. There was a few cheers and Tunstall revealed that the response wasn’t great the night before in Cambridge. The song is actually really fast and it was delivered perfectly by KT. After three Tiger Suit songs it was then onto debut song False Alarm which was amazing and was delivered superbly on acoustic guitar. It was then back to the current album this being (Still A) Weirdo. Before starting the song Tunstall called out for freaks and “All the people who don’t say anything are total freaks”. Well the song got a good response. I love this song it is gentle and tells a story that life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. There was then a breakdown with KT playing her guitar with the other band members at the front of the stage. Before Hold On KT introduced the band to which she says that the others hate her doing. The song has a furious pace and everything gelled together perfectly. There were even woops from the crowd during the song. The rest of the band then left KT all by herself for Other Side Of The World. Now that song was completely stunning it felt more intimate as well. The song did turn into a massive sing along and Tunstall’s vocal range was simply spine tingling. Everyone started to clap to the beat for Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. Now this song sounded incredible pure perfection. It was definitely an audience pleaser. Lost was epic whilst Golden Frames sounded amazing.

Difficulty had a stunning riff by Charlotte at the start of the song. KT explained before starting the song it is about aliens. “Who has been out with a singer?” People then start cheering then Tunstall says “What was it like?”. Well KT then says that she had been listening to artists such as Marvin Gaye and Chip Baker. The Entertainer was inspired by artists like that and the fact she doesn’t think much of them when carefully listening to the lyrics. It is a fantastic song one of my favourites and also it is KT’s favourite song. Saving My Face was then followed on with Madame Trudeaux. Tunstall then went on to say it was about the Canadian Prime Ministers Wife “Maggie Trudeau” and the fact she ran off with The Rolling Stones for a few days. “He lost she won”. KT then likened it to if Sophie Cameron ran off with Kanye West because “It would be cool”. After it was the onto Push That Knot Away which was delivered brilliantly. Ending the night was the infectious Fade Like A Shadow which is also fast in pace. KT also revealed that Shepherd’s Bush Empire is her favourite venue to play. They then all leave the stage only to return minutes later for a three song encore. It started off with Heal Over a song that KT had just started playing again. This was then followed with a cover of Erasure’s A Little Respect but it was delivered KT style. She may of said it was a shitty song but the way she sang this fast paced song was stunning. Capping off an amazing 19 song set was a storming version of Suddenly I See. Tunstall actually had to change guitars. “We’re going to have a instrumental session”. During the song KT even wore the tiger wig someone threw on the stage before throwing it back. Once over they all take a bow and leave the stage to a rapture of applause.


Glamour Puss
Uummannaq Song
Come On Get In
False Alarm
(Still A) Weirdo
Hold On
Other Side Of The World
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
Golden Frames
The Entertainer
Saving My Face
Madame Trudeaux
Push The Knot Away
Fade Like A Shadow


Heal Over
A Little Respect
Suddenly I See

OVERALL: This was a fantastic gig. Yes the set was Tiger Suit heavy but that didn’t matter because I love every single song on that album. Like with every gig I waited  for it to clear up and got KT’s set list as well which was good. I am looking forward to seeing her again.


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