Kate Nash @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 18th October 2010

Brigitte Aphrodite

When arriving at Shepherd’s Bush Empire I was extremely surprised to see quite a lot of people sitting on the steps. Kate’s popularity had gone through the roof with people already there. It looked like they had turned up early because they had warm clothing and plenty of food. They were not there to see Kate though. They were die hard McFly fans whom had slept over night because they wanted to be front for the gig the on the 19th. All in all queuing overnight is extremely sad. You could probably turn up early on the day and still you will be at the front. Aside from the McFly fans being told to move somewhere else the time which was spent queuing went quickly. There were about 4 people in front of me so I decided to play the o2 Priority card. I wasn’t going to play that card but with both queues being let in at the same time I wasn’t going to let 4 more people get in before me. So I managed to get in quite quickly and I got to the barrier but centre left. Kate normally has her keyboard placed in the middle and for the songs on guitar she is on the left hand side. The gig started off with Sister Lovers but it was Brigitte Aphrodite who really impressed me. This time she was supported by the VOB’s (Vision Of Beauty’s). I have seen Brigitte on a number of occasions but this was different. For starters was the band which meant she was confined to the microphone. When Brigitte took to the stage she came on covered in glitter. Before opening up she mentioned her name is Brigitte Aphrodite and she is of Greek origin. The set opened up with She’s A Blue Ice Cream Rink and it ended with Dance With A Stranger. Even though there is a band the comedic roots are still there and there were plenty of laughs. Every song was delivered strongly and precise. During Streets Of Bromley I felt for Brigitte when the band members started calling her names (it is part of the song). My favourite song was The Sound Of Your Voice the pace is fast and I completely adore that. A new song was even added into the mix along with Miss Hedonistic. Jay Malhotra even joined in with the guitar for one song.

Back in 2007 my first London gig was seeing Kate Nash at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. So three years later seeing her play at the same place was really something. This was the second time Kate had toured the album My Best Friend Is You. The thing I most liked was the fact that the set list was in fact very diverse and actually featured quite a lot of material from debut album Made Of Bricks. The way the set was designed was incredible there were pillows hanging from the ceiling plus a lampshade that Kate turned off and on. Before Kate came onto the stage was an intro which was Crimson and Clover. Once on stage Kate launched into the punky I Just Love You More. Next up was Kiss That Grrl. It is a nice pop song and extremely upbeat. The fast paced Mouthwash had loads of people chanting along to the lyrics. This is extremely infectious and energy oozed from it. The photographers then left and it was then onto Do Wah Doo which had a 60s vibe to it. While Take Me To A Higher Plane was delivered strongly. For Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt everyone started clapping in unison. I always find this song entrancing especially the last bit of the song which is spoken word. It was then onto quiet song I Hate Seagulls. To be honest I don’t get why people talk during the song. Kate actually says that she likes Snobbery before saying she hates it. This song actually had a few people singing along to it. Next it was a real treat this being Skeleton Song (which was dedicated to the models of London Fashion week) and Mariella. Hearing these songs live again was truly something special. The tour single Later On followed on. This song is both catchy and beautiful. It was then onto Kate’s song I’ve Got A Secret which is about homophobia and how much Kate hates it. The spoken word/ song which was Mansion Song was the next on the night. This song is dark in tone and the lights were turned off for this song. B Side Model Behaviour followed on and after Kate made a quick costume change. Birds was played on the acoustic guitar. It sounded beautiful and got a rapturous response. Also there were plenty of people singing along. Early Christmas Present is one of my favourite songs from My Best Friend Is You but this was the first time I had heard it live. Hearing it live was special ashame the song is about catching a STD. The infectious Paris was next on the night and that was followed by the anthem Foundations. The crowd went crazy and hung on every single word sung by Nash. Capping off this night was the danceable Merry Happy. Once over the band left the stage only to return for the encore and this was Pumpkin Soup. This was sung at a fast infused pace and the ticker tape cannons well all I can say is wow. After the song Kate stood on her keyboard and stomped about then left the stage.


I Just Love You More
Kiss That Grrl
Do Wah Doo
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
I Hate Seagulls
Skeleton Song
Later On
I’ve Got A Secret
Mansion Song
Model Behaviour
Early Christmas Present
Merry Happy


Pumpkin Soup

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this gig. It was nice that material from Made Of Bricks was sung. Hearing Mariella and Skeleton Song was something. I love Mariella. After the gig Kate handed out loads of copies of My Ignorant Youth. Three years ago at Shepherd’s Bush Kate handed out copies of the first issue which I failed to get even though I was at the barrier back then. So after I get hold of a copy I just wait at the barrier for the ground floor to clear. A member of crew started giving out the set lists to people and he also threw a couple of Elliot’s drumsticks. One which I caught so I then make my way to the merch desk purchase the Brigitte CD and then make my way home. When I got outside the venue the McFly fans were still sitting on Shepherd’s Bush Green.


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