Stereophonics @ HMV Apollo 17th October 2010

Words cannot describe how amazing this gig was. A couple of months ago Stereophonics announced two special dates. These two dates were to coincide with the re-release of the first two albums Word Gets Around and Performance And Cocktails. Once I saw that it was at the intimate HMV Apollo I didn’t hesitate and got my ticket straight away. I opted for the first night which was Word Gets Around in its full entirety plus the B Sides. I would have gone for Performance And Cocktails as I love that album but due to me being at another gig I just settled with the one I booked. Also the capacity of HMV Apollo would make this gig even more special. So the 17th arrived and maintenance work thwarted my plans to get there by 3pm. I arrived at 4pm and there were people queuing. I would have said there were about 80 people in front of me. The reason why I had hoped to be there at 3pm was A) I wanted to be near to the front of the queue and B) I was fighting a cold and wanted to be at the barrier just incase if I did need any water. Well at 7pm the doors. So 80 people had been in front of me when I arrived but when I was inside the venue I found myself in the best position which was left centre. Amazingly they opened on time. HMV Apollo is notorious for not having the foyer doors opened. But they did this time meaning I went straight through then speed walked to the front. The act before Stereophonics was Matthew P. I quite liked his music but when supporting someone with such a strong following it is hard to captivate the audience if they are there to see just the headliner. The Stereophonics took to the stage around 8.50pm. Video footage was shown on the projection screen and the crowd were going crazy. 5 minutes on they walked onto the stage.  “Let’s have a fucking party tonight” Kelly said before opening up with Looks Like Chaplin. The night featured a mammoth 27 songs and they were the debut album in its entirety, plus B Sides and then plus a second encore that capped off a perfect night. The crowd definitely enjoyed the night with plenty of singing along to More Life In A Tramps Vest and A Thousand Trees. The B sides sounded amazing as well especially Poppy Day which was delivered ever so strong. Goldfish Bowl got a good response the crowd literally went crazy for it. The punk version of She Takes Her Clothes Off was really something but it was hearing Buy Myself A Small Plane which was a real treat. The band had not sung it live since 1994. It was during Local Boy In The Photograph which saw loads of crowd surfers. I was actually battered by the crowd surfers and security guards who were trying to remove them. So after the first encore of Billy Davey’s Daughter, Raymonds Shop, Last Of The Big Time Drinkers and Local Boy In The Photograph it was then onto the 2nd encore which truly was something. After all B Sides and the Word Gets Around album had been sung it was then time to delve into the back catalogue. I was especially pleased to hear Performance and Cocktails songs Just Looking, Pick A Part and I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio due to the fact I adore those songs. JEEP song Have A Nice Day proved to be an anthem along with Maybe Tomorrow. For Maybe Tomorrow Kelly wanted the audience to sing the chorus but louder. The penultimate song Dakota got a good response and The Bartender and The Thief capped off a truly remarkable night.


Looks Like Chaplin
More Life In A Tramps Vest
A Thousand Trees
Carrot Cake & Wine
Chris Chambers
Tie Me Up & Tie Me Down
Same Size Feet
Poppy Day
Goldfish Bowl
Check My Eyelids For Holes
Home To Me
Not Up To You
She Takes Her Clothes Off
Buy Myself A Small Plane
Too Many Sandwiches


Billy Davey’s Daughter
Raymonds Shop
Last Of The Big Time Drinkers
Local Boy In The Photograph


Just Looking
Pick A Part That’s New
I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
Maybe Tomorrow
Have A Nice Day
The Bartender & The Thief

OVERALL: This night was completely unreal. It has to go up there in the best gigs I have ever seen. 27 songs is just wow and to hear the B Sides as well was real treat. Kelly had said they had been relearning the songs and they delivered.  This was the perfect tribute to the time as a band with Stuart. The night was one massive party and everyone left on a high. It was also being recorded as well so when it is released I will most definitely be getting a copy.


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