Mumford & Sons @ Brighton Dome 4th October 2010

It is not that often I go to gigs in Brighton and the main reason for that is making sure I catch the train to get me back home. I have been to quite a few venues such as Concorde 2 and Digital which are both on the seafront. I had fully expected the Dome to be on the seafront only to find out that it was where the Pavilion is. So the thought of leaving before the encore was dismissed. The Dome was actually a 5 minutes walk from the station. The reason for me making the trip down to the coast was to see Mumford and Sons. You may think why go down to Brighton why didn’t he opt for the London date. And the reason being I wanted the limited edition vinyl and the London date sold out straight away. So I then booked the Brighton date and it was just my luck a 2nd date in London was announced. Months later the day finally arrived. Brighton gigs are so different to London ones they’re both energetic and laid back. Once the doors opened everyone with E Tickets had to swap them for physical tickets. When I had my ticket I ran to the Merch desk and collected The Wedding Band vinyl. The reason why I picked this up straight away was down to the fact I could go straight to the train station after. Matthew and the Atlas opened the evening up and they were really impressive. They are signed to Communion Records and they sang wonderful music plus songs from the new EP To The North. Johnny Flynn was second on the night and the set was really enjoyable. Some of the songs which were sung were The Box, Barnacled Warship and Kentucky Pill plus others. All which sounded amazing.

The reason the packed audience were at the Dome for was to see the incredible Mumford & Sons. Even though I am a lover of the music produced this was only the 5th time I had seen them live. Debut album Sigh No More entered the UK charts completely out of the blue last year peaking at #4. Due to this the fan base has sky rocketed. Gone are the days where they played in smaller venues. The country/ folk music that they play is simply amazing. They actually played Sigh No More in its entirety plus some new songs. What was strange was the fact there was no a scrum of photographers you would get in London. “How you doing?” Marcus said when they were all on the stage. Sigh No More kicked everything off. There was definitely a buzz in the air the crowd were simply going crazy, singing along and clapping as well. After plenty of cheers it was onto the next song. Mumford said “Shall we dance together” and this then led into Roll Away Your Stone. It was nice because it was like a hoedown. Marcus then took to the banjo and played the audience a waltz. This then led into the foot stomping Winter Winds. Non album track Feel The Tide was then played this is again another foot stomping song and it is in fact my favourite Mumford song prior to Sigh No More. The lyrics are wonderful and I liked its gentleness. Back to the album tracks was White Blank Page which was delivered strongly and effortlessly. Timshel is a mesmerizing song.  The line I really like is “As brothers we will stand, and we will hold your hand” is so beautiful. New song Nothing Is Written was up next. Someone in the crowd shouted out happy birthday to Ben as it was his birthday the following week. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song it does sound different to material from Sigh No More but I actually quite like the song as Marcus’s husky vocals deliver a fantastic performance of the song. The crowd loved it as well due to the fact everyone was clapping along. Back to back album tracks I Gave You All and Little Lion Man were the next songs on the night. Just before Little Lion Man Marcus mentioned about they take the fact who support them and crew members very seriously. I Gave You All is slow in pace while Little Lion Man is a full on romp. It is a foot stomping song and extremely catchy as well. Lover Of The Light followed on. It was a song that was written in Germany and before singing the song Winston recalled all the venues they had played in Brighton (Komedia, Corn Exchange to name but a few). As for the song it sticks to the folkish roots and Marcus played the drums which was amazing. Thistle & Weeds was next then After The Storm followed on. The Untitled song was very good. “It is very important the way we name a song”. Just hearing the studio version will be very interesting. Dustbowl Dance ended what was a fantastic gig. For this song Marcus is on the drums and it is a very energetic and quiet one. The band then goes offstage only to come back with a two song encore. Awake My Soul had the crowd going crazy and jumping about. Capping off the night was The Cave which is a strong song and was delivered powerfully.


 Sigh No More

Roll Away Your Stone

Winter Winds

Feel The Tide

White Blank Page


Nothing Is Written

I Gave You All

Little Lion Man

Lover Of The Light

Thistle & Weeds

After The Storm


Dustbowl Dance


Awake My Soul

The Cave

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night plus there was fantastic support as well. There is something about gigs in Brighton that makes it different compared to London ones. As for Mumford they were folking amazing. The new songs were wonderful and I can’t wait for the follow up album. The previous day they had been in Brighton and Marcus mentioned they watched comedy at the Komedia. Also Winston had got a tattoo on his shoulder of a Banjo. I can definitely see Mumford making the step up I can see an Arena tour. I reckon they can easily sell out Wembley Arena.


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