Review: Kirsten Price – Brixton To Brooklyn

Sometimes artists slip under the radar. That is the reason I chose to start recommending bands or artists on PMR so other people give that specific person a chance and if they like they want to hear more. I also like it when people get in contact with me and recommend people. So to my delight someone got in contact with me who works for Independent Label KPI Records. The artist she recommended was Kirsten Price who has her own Independent Record Label KPI Records.

Kirsten is infact British and as well as being a singer she also a writer/ producer. The recently released 2nd album Brixton To Brooklyn features only 9 tracks but is written and produced by Price. Now having been recommended this album I can assure you it is fantastic. Opening track With Or Without You (not to be confused with the U2 song) and last track Press That Button have also featured in MTV’s The Hills spin off The City. The album is full of power pop/ rock floor fillers which makes this an album you will put on repeat. There is not a single bad track on this album and Kirsten’s vocals are exremely unique.

Considering there are only 9 tracks on the album my favourites have to be With Or Without You and Take Me To The Top. The reason why I like these two songs are down to the fact they immediately stood out on my first listen of the album. With Or Without You actually reminds me of Kelly Clarkson as soon as Kirsten hits the chorus which she belts out. Where as Take Me To The Top is more up tempo and has some fantastic lyrics which gel perfectly to the melody.

Piano Ballad Keep Moving is very impressive and most songs on the album are club friendly. In other words they are floor fillers which will get you moving. After hearing this album I will be very interested to hear more material by Kirsten in the future. The songs definately satisfy my musical taste and I am sure you give her a listen to you will like as well.


With Or Without You
Keep Moving
Give That Girl
Take  Me To The Top
Let Your Light Shine
One More Time
Press That Button

The positives of this album is the fact Kirsten both wrote and produced this album. She has one amazing talent there and she gets extra brownie points in my book because it is not often the artist writes the entire album. Also the vocals are superb I even enjoyed the ballad Keep Moving.

The only drawback with this album is that it’s too short. Once you reach the end of Press That Button you are left wanting more as your first listen to Brixton To Brooklyn is over in a flash because you enjoyed it so much.

Brixton To Brooklyn is out now on KPI Records and is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site:

To hear more from Kirsten go to:


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