Katy B @ Hoxton Hall 30th September 2010

This night sold out extremely quickly when the tickets went on sale late August. This was a headline show by Katy B. I mainly attended this night because there has been a buzz about her and debut single Katy On A Mission crashed landed in to top 10. When gigs sell out it is always difficult to judge what time people will start queueing outside. I was there from 5pm and it wasn’t long before another person joined the queue. By the time doors opened at 7.15 there was only two people there. The stage times were stck to the wall there were to be two DJ sets and a MC supporting Katy B. To be honest DJ sets arent my thing and that meant the 2hr 15minutes went by so slow. The MC set by P Money was pretty impressive. 15 minutes was far to short though. After it was onto the second DJ set Rosko (Alex Nutt was the DJ that was playing when doors opened). The hall started to fill when it was nearing the end of the set. There was actually alot of people dancing. Rosko did slightly over run meaning Katy B was on later that the 9.30 which the stage times said. So once Rosko had finished it was time to clear the stage. This took around 10 minutes and then at that point there had been a surge forward to the front of the stage.

This set was going to be extremely special because it featured songs which no doubt will appear on the debut album.  The first song was Perfect Stranger which is a Magnetic Man song which Katy features on. Puzzled Me followed on it actually sounded jazzy and her vocals were superb. Maybe this was down to the fact there was a backing band. So after a rapturous applause it was onto another new song Disappear. The song was delivered superbly and it got cheers from the crowd. The game however changed for the Ms Dynamite collabration. Unfortunately Ms Dynamite was not there to partake in singing Lights On but what we got instead was Katy singing her own version of the song. This song was more energetic and fast in pace. It sounded as if Katy tried out MCing and she pulled it off extremely well. Why You Always Here was merged with the end of this song. As I came next and it is a song you can have a good dance too. While Katy On A Mission ended the night and there was a bit of audience participation. Katy thanked everyone for buying the record plus she thanked the label Rinse. Everyone joined in with the oooooo bits and I loved the beats of this song. If you saw The Kevin Bishop show on C4 you will recognise the opening. So after applause Katy and her band went offstage only to then return for a encore. This song was Hard To Get despite the shouts for Louder. This song actually sounds slightly Jazzy and Soulful as well.


Perfect Stranger
Puzzled Me
Lights On
Why You Always Here
As I
Katy On A Mission


Hard To Get

OVERALL: This night was extremely intimate. I never would of expected there to be a capacity of 120 people. It was kind of speacial as well as it showcased material that she had recorded. Lights On sounded amazing and so did Katy’s song Perfect Stranger. There was most definately a party atmosphere in the air. I most certainly see Katy live again.


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