6 Fest @ 229 2nd October 2010

Beth Jeans Houghton

Back in August 6 Music had just been saved and a festival to celebrate this fact had been organised. This event would take place at the 229 and tickets were snapped up straight away. The line up was a well kept secret but the promise that it would be a good night made me anticipate the event. So with the line up kept under wraps I then began to speculate who would play. With the fact no name was announced I thought maybe there will be bands who are big. Names that crossed my mind included Emmy The Great, Kate Nash, Little Boots, Eliza Doolittle and The Cribs all of which lended their support to save 6 Music. So 2nd October came the line up had not been released the day before or on the morning of the event. They also said it is best to be there from 3pm so you don’t miss anything. When I got there I was the first one there for a moment I thought I was in the wrong place as I had never been to the venue before. When I eventually had a glance at the line up you could imagine my dissapointment when there was not a single person I had seen live before. The line up was most certainly a surprise and it was a bad decision not to reveal it prior for people who had tickets. If it was revealed maybe I could of done some research and knew what bands to see as there were 12 bands 6 on each stage. Looking at the line up the only person I wanted to see was Beth Jeans Houghton. I hadn’t seen her live before but I knew who she was.

Ellen and the Escapades

The doors opened just after 3pm and I started my day at Stage 2. Oompah Brass were impressive. They were supposed to be so good that they were on both stages. Well they were a brass band and performed instumentals of Guns And Roses Sweet Child O Mine, Britney Spears – Toxic, Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Michael Jackson – Bad. Now they were highly enjoyable. So after when they had finished it was then time for Amity whom replaced Sound Of Rum at the last minute. Only for her not to turn up as she was stuck in traffic in Croydon. So the day did start off badly. Around 15 minutes later there was some activety on the stage as it was being set up. I was hoping Amity had arrived only to find out that the first artist on the stage was the one who had been busking outside. I then went back to Stage One and got to the front to see the last 3 songs of Sweet Baboo and to be honest they weren’t my cup of tea. After it was then onto a bit of poetry and song by John Hegley then it was Beth Jeans Houghton. I really enjoyed the set played. It was new songs and some oldies such as Night Swimmer and I Will Return. The cover of Elvis Presley’s Devil In Disguise was unique and outstanding. I for one cant wait for a full length album. It was then back to Stage Two for Total Shambles then it was back to the other stage for Erland & The Carnival. Before that Adam Buxton got the laughs with his videos that he showed. The idea for Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl was funny and the Help The Police rap was hilarious as well. After it was Erland & The Carnival the music wasn’t for me so I just left for the canteen tnen Stage 2. Now on Stage 2 was John Shuttleworth and I caught a tiny fraction of the set and I wish I knew more about him prior to the festival. He was a comedy singer. The late Frank Sidebottom comes to mind. After the Stage began to empty and the following band wrapped up my Festival experience. Thank god it ended on a positive and I have discovered something I really liked from 5 piece band Ellen & The Escapades. The sang old songs and songs from forthcoming EP Of All The Times. I would most certainly see them again they were like a mixture of folk and pop. So once they had finished I then made my way home. The evening did have it’s negative points and some were positives. The comedy was hilarious but I was disappointed with the lack of any massive artists.


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  1. James says:

    Dude, you don’t think Jim Jones Revue and Metronomy are big names? I had a wicked time, loved Craig Charles and Adam Buxtons sets too. Sounds like you left before it all kicked off, shame.

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