Pearl and the Puppets @ Monto Water Rats 29th September 2010

A double dose of Pearl and the Puppets was something I was really looking forward too. Just seeing her yesterday made me anticipate this night even further. This band clearly have what it takes to be the next best thing when the album is finally out on shop shelves. The fact one of their songs is featured in Tamara Drewe is the start of things to come. I arrived at the Water Rats at 5pm a little early I know but 4music on the Television screen above me and the sound check by Pearl kept me company. In fact I was the only one in the pub. I knew the night had not sold out bit I did not expect to be the only one there two hours before the show.  The time Pearl and the Puppets was 7.45pm. In a way that was good as I could get home early. By the time Pearl was on there were plenty more people inside the venue. I was excited to have another slice of happy/ cheery pop music. So once the stage was set the band came on followed by Katie. Honey kicked off a wonderful 8 song set. This was the first time I had heard this song and it is a strong one with Katie’s unique vocals. “Who drinks Whiskey” Sutherland said before playing debut single Because I Do. One member of the audience to which she replied “This one’s for you”. Well Because I Do is probably the most main stream song out of all the others this is down to the fact it is featured in a film. Still it is a beautiful song and it is very up tempo as well. Before Mango Tree Katie introduced us to her Puppets while before new song Baby If You Love Me she said she was roadtesting this. In fact it has grown on me since having heard it the day before. It is a stong song with lyrics that are belted out. Sorry Song was next and it was a quiet one. “I thought I should play this at gigs and thought what the hell”.  Well true to her word this is a quiet song with Katie’s unique distinct vocals. It is also gentler and softer as well. For Make Me Smile Sutherland urged everyone to clap along and stomp their feet. Now this song is beautiful and entrancing as well. The pace is extremely fast and that is one of the reasons I love this song. Like the title of the song says it never fails to Make Me Smile. For Kisses the Ukulele gets a few awwwwwws and Katie calls it her wee guitar. She also goes on to reveal that her mum is not a fan of it. Ending the night was forthcoming single Better Day. When Katie anounced this was the last song it drew some awwwwws. If I had my way I could listen to her play all day. This song is both up tempo and strong. Katie was walking from side to side as she had taken the mic out of its holdall. Still this song capped off a wonderful set.


Because I Do
Mango Tree
Baby If You Love Me
Sorry Song
Make Me Smile
Better Day

OVERALL: When the set finished Katie stayed around and chatted to people glass of wine in hand. StillI got to have a little chat with her which was nice. Now if you have not listened to this band before I advise you to do it NOW!!!!! I see a bright future for this lot and when some more gigs away from Scotland are underneath their belt and the debut album is out that is when the fanbase will rise.


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