KT Tunstall @ HMV, Oxford Street 27th September 2010

This was the first time I had seen KT Tunstall live. I have been following her career since the debut LP Eye To The Telescope which spawned the hits Suddenly I See and Other Side Of The World. Three years after the release of Drastic Fantastic KT is back with her third offering Tiger Suit. To mark the occasion Tunstall made a PA at London’s flagship HMV store in Oxford Street. When I eventually got there I stood by where the back entrance was only to find that when I went inside people were already waiting. That was slightly annoying as previous instores you had to queue. So it was split into two aisles I went in the second as one of my gigging buddies was there. I managed to slip my way into second row. It was OK because I could see through the gap between the two people in front of me. It was also annoying because the people in front of me were slightly taller. My experience wasn’t dampened in the slightest and I was so impressed I can’t wait to see her live again.

“Thank You for coming and  joining me on this so special day of album birth”  before saying “It’s a little tiger HA HA”. Tunstall then goes onto say that she had the loop pedal she’s used for ages plus a new one because there is a electronic influence on the album. Starting the night was Glamour Puss and the loop pedal was heavily used in this song. The song was belted out and everything geled together perfectly. Before playing KT played Push The Knot Away she complained about feedback and even stopped the song at one point and picked up from where she left off. “I wrote it [Uummannaq Song] up in Greenland” before saying the trip she took up there was very weird and amazing. It was also written on the boat surrounded by icebergs. Uummannaq Song is very electro and there are beats. My favourite part of this song had to be the chorus. There is also a slight fast pace as well. The first single to be taken from the album (Still A) Weirdo was next up. It started with some impressive beatboxing the song actually sounded gentler compared the the previous songs that were sung prior. Still I love it but when closely listening to the lyrics it tells the story that life doesn’t always turn out how you expected. After Tunstall launched into her favourite song which was inspired by Chip Baker, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles and other bands that write love songs. This song being The Entertainer and words can’t describe how fantastic it is. If I was judging whether to buy the album the set sung. That would be the song that would of won me over. Acoustic music is the best kind of music there is. Before the last song KT said to the audience it is always better to buy a 2nd copy of the album if something happened to the first. Well ending the night was Fade Like A Shadow. It is a extremely upbeat fast infused song and I can see it getting radio play. It actually talks about accepting that a relationship has run its course, with the lovers parting ways.

Glamour Puss
Push That Knot Away
Uummannaq Song
(Still A) Weirdo
The Entertainer
Fade Like A Shadow

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this evening the songs were fantastic and the banter was superb. “Whose judging me on this performance” KT said to the audience who hadn’t purchased their copy of the album already. Frankly based on that performance HMV probably sold alot of copies. I can’t wait to see her again on the 20th October where the set will be longer and hopefully some old classics will be sung as well.


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  1. cathy says:

    great album,love it.

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