Sunday Girl @ Hoxton Hall 23rd September 2010

I never realised how small in capacity Hoxton Hall was until today. Well i turn up at the venue at 5.30. the doors opened at 7 and with the show not selling out i didnt expect people to be queueing early. On that front i was right. The time the theatre doors opened at 7.30 only 7 people were inside. Earlier I heard the gig was sold out and only 90 tickets were sold and they had a overflowing guest list. From what I heard the capacity is only 120 people which made the evening more intimate. I am surprised it sold out considering you could still purchase tickets. The first band on the night were Paper Crows. This band were pop meets electro. This duo consisted of Emma Panas and Duncan McDougall. I really enjoyed the set and I would most definately see them perform again. The set was over too soon one of the songs sung was Homebound. I most definately want to her more from this duo.

Paper Crows finished their set at 9pm it was then a 20minute change over till Jade made her performance. The stage was set with all weird things such as a clear glass case with a stuffed badger in and also butterflies which had been framed. The reason why I chose to see Sunday Girl was down to the fact she is supporting Ellie Goulding on her UK tour. You could say it was a scouting mission to prepare myself to seeing Jade twice in the space of 4 days. She actually turned up on stage 10 minutes late but that didn’t matter because I experienced something truly marvellous. The set was kept short and sweet. The 7 songs sung gave a taster of what to expect from the debut album. There was also a cover by Laura Brannigan added into the mix. Each of the singles were sung these being Four Floors, Self Control and Stop Hey.  I quite liked Stop Hey which ended the set it will be released in January 2011 and I can’t wait to have it playing on my vinyl player. The lyrics are perfect, catchy and there is a beat to it “Stop Hey don’t walk away”. Brixton went down well with the crowd as well. Jade finished at 10pm I had expected a encore but with the fact the lights went on I knew one wasn’t coming. This showcase wen’t down extremely well and Jade has a bright career ahead of her. I for one can’t wait for the album and I am relishing seeing her again when she supports Ellie. The fact she designed the stage all herself was simply incredible.


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