Ones To Watch: Paisley and Charlie

Brighton based Paisley & Charlie consist of  Paisley Pattenden and Charlie Darling. Both are also the only two members of Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies. The style of the music that is sung is Electronic Pop. Paisley is the main voice in this band but Charlie also contributes and also takes the main vocals in the song Sebastian. They both gel perfectly and the songs that they produce are pure perfection. Lead singer Paisley has a dreamy pop voice which is ideal for songs like these. The first time I saw them was at The Zenith Bar and I was so impressed by what was sung. I liked the music so much I saw them again at The Wilmington Arms. Each of the songs on the night had catchy hooks and they were very light/ mellow as well.

It was 2008 when they first met through an advert that was posted on Gumtree. Charlie had his own songs which he posted on his Myspace. Charlie then drafted an advert which he posted on Gumtree.

After a string of failures (girl bands, acoustic harmony trios + other projects) the dream was over for Paisley. She was on the verge of giving up music altogether. A browse on the internet saw her come across the advert that Charlie had posted, Paisley answered and the wheels were set in motion.

By the time Paisley answered Charlie already had his singer. All he was looking for was a keyboard player. It was after he listened to the demo Paisley sent that he changed his mind and accepted the keyboard role himself.

Now that is how they met with Paisley on vocals and Charlie on keyboard/ backing vocals they can do no wrong. They have a hatful of material which includes Stone Lions, Julia Misbehaves, Radio Days, Beautiful Thing, The Last To Know and Sebastian. It is hard to pick out one specific song as each have there own uniqueness. Yes they all follow the same genre but each song is different. The recorder on Julia Misbehaves is brilliant.

One song that I would love to hear live is about something Paisley loves. This being Hello Kitty (it was clear that she loved Hello Kitty the first time I saw them as Paisley was wearing a Hello Kitty ring).

Paisley and Charlie Myspace

Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies Myspace

Paisley and Charlie – Hold Me





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