Summer Camp @ Banquet Records 9th September 2010

“Sorry for being late” Jeremy Warmsley said apologetically. The duo were 30 minutes late but they had a good reason. It had taken them 2 and a half hours just to get to the store from North East London. “What shall we sing” Elizabeth said to Jeremy before opting to perform Was It Worth It? The style of music is infectious pop. What I like about Summer Camp is the fact it was completely acoustic. There were around 15 people in the store making this really intimate. It was really surreal as they were really close (there was no barrier or stage). Back to the song this has to be one of my favourite songs by the band. It is both catchy and upbeat. Up next was Jake Ryan which was the second time they had played it live. Considering it was the second time they played it, the song was completely faultless. There was a small full start at the beginning. After playing this EP song perfectly Elizabeth says that they played it quicker than expected. It was then onto the beautiful new song Losing My Mind which I really liked. There are gentle verses and a powerful chorus. This song does not feature on the EP Young but it makes me anticipate the debut album even more. The penultimate song being the highly infectious debut single Ghost Train. It is an upbeat song and the melody fits perfectly with the lyrics. “Do you want to say a few words about what this song means to you” Jeremy said to Elizabeth. “I don’t know you wrote it” Elizabeth replied. Round The Moon was the last song and the bands newest single. The pace of this song is fast and the harmonising by Elizabeth is fantastic. It is mainly sung by Jeremy and it is upbeat towards the end. So after lots of clapping when over Elizabeth says “Thanks so much for having us”. She then joked and said “Buy everything from Banquet, All record shops are evil apart from Banquet”. The equipment started to get packed away. Both Jeremy and Elizabeth stayed to sign then see their fans whom came to the instore.


Was It Worth It?
Jake Ryan
Losing My Mind
Ghost Train
Round The Moon


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