Smoke Fairies @ Rough Trade East 6th September 2010

To coincide with the release of Through Low Light and Trees Smoke Fairies made an instore appearance at Rough Trade East. This evening was not hugely popular considering prior instores I have been to at Rough Trade. For starters the shop did not close so I was able to mill about. Well Smoke Fairies are Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire, they sung folkish music acoustically. “Even though we should sing tracks from the album it is always to sing the old ones first” Katherine said before they played Gas Town. The set was half and half. 4 songs were taken from the new album and the other 4 were taken from the LP Ghosts. Each song went down well with the crowd and there was banter from the twosome. This was also the first outing of Erin Lackwanna which features on the album but they have not played live. Katherine also joked about the tube strike about how everyone was stuck here. As much as I liked the old songs the new ones went down a treat. The songs were quite haunting and both River Song and Gas Town are brilliant. Before the last song Jessica mentioned that gig was awkward and mentioned about the last instore that they played at Rough Trade. Last time they played Jessica said that she mentioned that Katherine got attacked on the tube but Katherine found what was said to be distressing. That was the reason why Jessica was keeping her mouth shut. Ending the 8 track set was Hotel Room. I will most definitely see this band headline at Dingwalls on 21st Sept. Katherine also mentioned about the album and how putting a sticker on their faces was not a good decision.


 Summer Fades


Gas Town

Storm Song

River Song

Erie Lackwanna

Devil In My Mind

Hotel Room

OVERALL: I enjoyed this instore it was nice and intimate just the way I like it. The two are playing at Dingwalls on 21st September with a full band and I most definitely will go along to that.


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