Scouting For Girls @ Merc, Carnaby Street 2nd September 2010

Kit Kat and Myspace teamed up to put on 4 different gigs in 4 different cities. These will be recorded and streamed on Myspace. The first week saw Scouting For Girls play outside the Merc store in Carnaby Street. As I am a fan of the bands music I then decided to make a trip to London just to attend this short gig. It was very intimate and was billed as a lunchtime gig as it started at 1.15pm. I reached the store about 12.20 and there were quite a lot of people round the barriers. Roy then came out to do a sound check of She’s So Lovely. The thing I was most looking forward to was the fact the set was acoustic. At 1.15 the band took to the small stage. They were playing in an opened shop window. Kicking of things was the current single Famous and it sounded beautiful played acoustically. Once over there were loads of screams and the song that followed on was Heartbeat from the first album. This is a fast paced song which I enjoyed and joined in with. Everyone was singing to the lyrics of Silly Song. It is one of my favourites from the Everyone Wants To Be On TV album and it is slightly emotional when you carefully listen to the lyrics. For Posh Girls there was again audience participation which was basically shouting out the line Boys At School. What impressed me was the very first lines Roy sang at a super fast speed. The bands first number one single This Ain’t A Love Song followed on. Again there was singing along and after it was to the audience request part of the set. Roy mentions they could do a medley but what they basically did was Elvis Ain’t Dead (which was a massive sing along) then Keep On Walking. At the end of the song Roy introduces the band and thanks the fans for coming and the policemen there and the random passers by. The final song was She’s So Lovely and the song ended with the tradition where everyone clapped. Even the people watching from windows overlooking were clapping along.




Silly Song

Posh Girls

This Ain’t A Love Song

Elvis Ain’t Dead/ Keep On Walking

She’s So Lovely


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