Reading 2010 29th August 2010

This was the first time I had been to the famous Reading Festival. The date my sister and I specifically picked was the final day which was headlined by Blink 182. Well before we left I already knew whom I wanted to see play. The time we left was 9.45am and made the journey to Reading. Thankfully there was no traffic apart from an accident on the road. So once my sister and I were dropped off we then made our way to the site. First of all we joined the queue for the shuttle boat service. The queue was slowly moving so I just decided that it would be quicker to walk. So after a 10 minute walk we then got to the site. Basically our ticket was exchanged for wristbands. So once banded up we made our way through the camp site and through the stalls. Once we got to the entrance there was a small queue to get in but once in we headed to where the Dance Tent was in. I had wanted to go to the NME signing tent to see Paramore but I thought there would just be one queue. I got to the Dance Tent because I wanted to see Lights. My sister then went to have a look round as she didn’t want to wait 20 minutes for Lights to take to the stage. So my sister went off only to swiftly return to say that people were already queuing for Paramore. I then left and joined all the people waiting in line. Once in the queue I managed to hear the set by Lights which was blaring out of the Dance Tent. Thankfully it wasn’t pouring down with rain so I managed to see some of The Joy Formidable as it was being shown on the big screen as the NME stage was right near to were the signing tent was. From what I was seeing the set wasn’t that intense as the set they did at Leeds. Maybe it was intense but seeing it on screen you don’t get the vibe from the crowd. Next up on the NME stage was Local Natives. I watched some of the set but when you are looking forward to something so much it is hard to turn your attention elsewhere. Around 2pm my sister left me to see All Time Low who were playing on the main stage. This was the period when it started to pelt down with rain. It was so cold I was literally soaked to the bone I just wanted to leave and warm up. Thankfully I managed to survive the rain. I was dripping wet though and the wind was icy cold. Later on it dried up which was good because I was facing the prospect of being soaking wet when meeting Paramore. The time was almost here the queue had grown bigger (Now I don’t mean the queue got longer I mean there were more people now in front of us). It was obvious people queued jumped or joined their mates. They let in people a set at a time and we were the 5th set to go in. It was a bit touch and go because security was asked to count just 10 people. So when this happened you had some people pleading to get in. So once in we got handed this card to get signed. I opted for the lanyard to get signed. I then ask the NME photographer to take a photo of Hayley and I. He then says I will try but I can’t hold up the queue. Hayley signs the lanyard and says do you want a picture. Once out of the signing tent I was on cloud 9.

It was then a journey to the main stage to see Limp Bizkit. They arrived on the stage to a backing tape of Pure Imagination by Gene Wilder. The set mainly focused on the first three albums. There were plenty of people moshing and singing along. The first half of the set was taken from the Chocolate Starfish album and kicking this off was Hot Dog and following on was single My Generation. “How we feeling today, have we all had our beer for breakfast” Fred said before launching into Livin’ It Up. He then comes down to the barrier and he does truly know how to rock the crowd. The number 1 single Rollin’ got a good reception and everyone had their hands in the air doing the rollin’ actions. Next it was onto Break Stuff from the Significant Other album. “We might as well break some shit”. Before Break Stuff Fred Durst told the crowd “If you see someone getting hurt or need your help the bigger thing to do is stop and help them out”.  It was a powerful song and everyone was still moshing along. Everyone started clapping along in unison to Mission Impossible track Take A Look Around and then it was onto Significant Other track Nookie. Ending the set was George Michael cover Faith which featured on the debut album Three Dollar Bill, Yall$. This version was more rocked up and before the song Fred asked for all the girls to go on the shoulders of the guys they were with. This song turned into a massive sing along. It was the chorus which is rocked up. I enjoyed this set and I would see them again when they play a longer set. What surprised me was there was nothing played from Behind Blue Eyes. Fred also told the crowd he would buy everyone at the main stage a beer. But I don’t think that will ever happen.


Hot Dog
My Generation
Livin’ It Up
Break Stuff
Take A Look Around

So after Limp Bizkit had finished it was time to have a look round for something to eat. I opted for Sweet and Sour Chicken. Once we got some food we then watched the set by Cypress Hill. Now I am not aware of the music they sing. The only song I knew from their set was Insane In The Brain. At 19.05pm it was then onto Weezer. The lengthy 12 song set was mainly songs taken from the coloured albums (Red, Blue, Green). There were actually only a few songs that I realised these being Island In The Sun, Beverley Hills and Buddy Holly. I was also familiar with Pork and Beans but I was disappointed with the fact Keep Fishin had been dropped. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo did not stay on stage for that long as he kept leaping off the stage and coming to the barrier. There was actually a point where he got hit with someone’s paper cup with beer in. From that point he kept on shaking water so the contents emptied all over people and the stage. The cover of Wheatus’s Teenage Dirtbag started off good and it was very unique. For the MGMT cover Kids Rivers slipped up and his back got covered with mud. This was then mashed up with Lady Gaga Pokerface and Cuomo was wearing a wig. Still it was a nice set that showed off some classic songs. Memories from forthcoming album Hurley sounds really good.


Hash Pipe
Undone – The Sweater Song
Surf Wax America
Teenage Dirtbag
Say It Ain’t So
Island In The Sun
My Name Is Jonas
Beverley Hills
Pork and Beans
Kids/ Pokerface
Buddy Holly

30 minutes later it was time for Paramore. Yes I would of rather of been in the centre but it was impossible to get there so I made do with the side. The set was slightly longer compared to what was played at Leeds the night before. Overall 11 songs were played and there was at least one or more tracks played from each album. Opening up was Misery Business. The crowd was definitely geared up for a fantastic set. Everyone was singing along to this song and there was bundles of energy. That’s What You Get followed on and this was the song released before they went on a short hiatus. It is a real crowd pleaser and at the start of the song Hayley paused and the crowd participated with singing the next line. “Is that all that you’ve got” Hayley said during the song. I loved this song because it was both powerful and catchy. Hayley completely rocked this song. Hayley had taken off her leopard printed jacket before starting Looking Up. This is another rocked up song. “I need your help here” so everyone was singing along. One of the lines in the song is We’re just getting started and what was to follow was a whirlwind of songs which were over in a flash. The rocked up Ignorance was next and the pop/ rock Playing God followed on. The beautiful song The Only Exception was next and it is a wonderful ballad. Everyone was waving their hands from side to side and singing along to the chorus. For Let The Flames Begin it was the first time I had heard this rocky song from Riot played live. Still it was sung strongly and with passion. “Give it up for yourselves Reading” Hayley said and there was a huge cheer. Before playing CrushCrushCrush Hayley told the crowd “I want to dance with you”. There was loads of clapping to this song and I love the chorus. “This next song goes out to anyone who’s known about us for the last 5 ½ years”. Pressure was the bands debut single and to hear it live is a real treat. It ashame that material from All We Know Is Falling is overlooked by the band. What stole the performance of this song were Jeremy’s side flips which were truly amazing. Decode was next and I feel that just writing a track for Twilight made them too commercial. Still it is a brilliant song which was sung with power. “Let’s do this, let’s finish this night off right. We love you Reading and WE ARE PARAMORE” Hayley said before launching into Brick By Boring Brick. Everyone sung along to this song and it was clear that from the atmosphere this song was a real crowd pleaser. Overall this was a nice short and sweet set. I really enjoyed it and the performance was a strong one. There is something so surreal about gigs and festivals. At festivals the atmosphere is even more intense as you have fans of other bands watching. Well the atmosphere given off was electric.


Misery Business
That’s What You Get
Looking Up
Playing God
The Only Exception
Let The Flames Begin
Brick By Boring Brick

The crowd were definitely geared up for the set by Blink 182. A big black sheet was covering up what was onstage. This then dropped down the moment Dumpweed was played. Straight after the band launched themselves into Feeling This and just as it finished Mark informs the crowd to take two steps back to alleviate the pressure on the people at the barrier. There is then some banter from the band and there are some boos when Mark said “Remember when we tied you at football”. “You should of kicked our arses in the fucking dirt”. So after Mark thinks he had the wrong guitar only for it to be the right guitar for The Rock Show. I love this song it has to be one of my favourites. The atmosphere was amazing it was one big sing along and it continued throughout till the very end of the set. “That was awesome” Tom said before the band started to play What’s My Age Again. After there is a drum solo by Travis Barker and it was a fantastic solo. The next song was Violence and this song had plenty of energy flowing from it. I Miss You followed on and got whoops of delight from the crowd. The intro to this song was fantastic and everyone was singing along. After there was a mention of Guns and Roses from Mark saying that Tom was going to try and play the intro of Sweet Child O Mine. Well Tom was unsuccessful as he hadn’t practised. “You are no Slash but you are a Tom DeLonge” Mark said. Still Stay Together For The Kids is a nice song it is both strong and powerful as well. Down from the self-titled album was up next and if I am honest it is my least favourite from all the singles that had been released by the band. Still they pull off a perfect performance of this song. “Nice job Reading” Mark said. Always then followed on and Tom announced that he likes this song. The chorus is amazing and the whole crowd was singing along. I liked the song which followed on Stockholm Syndrome. I love its verses. First Date was next and it is the closest the band will play to pop. The lyrics Tom sang  high pitched made me think what the hell.  The animations behind Travis were fantastic. Man Overboard doubled up with Don’t Leave Me. I really liked the chorus of Not Now and when the following song All The Small Things finished Mark thanks Jedward for letting them cover their song. After the song had played my sister and I left the Arena. The main reason we left was the fact my sister knew none of the songs after All The Small Things. I was disappointed to leave as Reckless Abandon and Anthem Part Two are classic album tracks from my favourite Blink album. Still leaving early meant we beat the traffic getting home.


Feeling This
The Rock Show
What’s My Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together For The Kids
Stockholm Syndrome
First Date
Man Over Board
Don’t Leave Me
Not Now
All The Small Things
Reckless Abandon
Anthem Part Two



OVERALL: My first year a Reading was an enjoyable one. The fact I met Paramore was truly something that made my day even more amazing. As for the sets Limp were good and so were Weezer. As for Paramore set well it makes me anticipate the o2 show even more. Finally Blink 182 the videos on Youtube don’t do them any justice. They are fantastic live and well and truly are back. Tom even said “I’m not saying this because we’re here tonight, but Reading kicks the shit out of Leeds”.


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