Everything Everything @ Rough Trade East 1st September 2010

Everything Everything are a band on every ones lips. I had previously seen them on The Great Escape when they were doing an intimate session for MTV. Still fast forward to September the debut album Man Alive has been released and has had many fans raving about how good it is. Taking what I was hearing into account I decided to tag along to this intimate instore. I had been planning on buying the album but put it off so I could get a wristband for this event. I got to the shop around 4.15 purchased my album got my wristband then hung round. I then decided to go outside just to queue. After the Sleigh Bells fiasco I wanted to be sure I would be at the front. It was around 19.10pm when people were being let in. The queue was pretty long. Once in I got slightly right centre. The set lists were out and I was getting excited to hear them play material from the debut album. It was limited to just 6 songs, two of which were album tracks and the other 4 being singles. After having been right at the front for this set I looked forward to listening to the debut album. The stage was really tight and Jonathan even commented it was cramped before playing Tin.


Suffragette Suffragette
Qwerty Keyboard
My Kz Ur Bf
Photoshop Handsome

OVERALL: This was a nice little instore. There were plenty of people queuing outside. As for the set it was amazing. It was a wise idea to sing the singles because they captivated me. The evening ended with my favourite song Photoshop Handsome. After the set had finished the band stayed behind to sign posters and copies of Man Alive.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You must have been standing just in front of me for this. It was a good set in the end (despite it’s length, but hey, gotta love Rough Trade) and they played with a lot more confidence than the last time I saw them.

  2. Jasmine says:

    i was just to right of you. did you see marcus mumford and laura marling watching backstage?

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