Delta Maid @ The Bedford 23rd August 2010

I first saw Delta way back in July when she supported Ellie Goulding for her iTunes Festival show. To be honest back at the Roundhouse many of my friends didn’t take to her music. I also didn’t take to it (probably it was the fact I had just wanted to see Ellie play). So as soon as I saw Delta was going to perform her rootsy/ bluesly music at the intimate pub in Balham I immediately decided to give her a second chance to impress. Delta is 25 and is from Wavertree in South Liverpool. Her accent is so strong and the set she performed was split into two. Delta opened up the evening with Broken Branches. There was a dash of soul in the songs and when Delta was singing this song I was reminded of Duffy. Also the Elton John song I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues came to mind. Well the set sung was mainly material from the debut EP Broken Branches and Any Way You Want To was next up. Dolly Parton springs to mind when listening to this song. After the song Delta managed to sneak in a 3rd. Well before playing this song which does not feature on the EP Delta mentions she is not a fan of new country music but likes the old school country which influenced this song a bit. The song was All I Dreamed, it was sung perfectly and I would really like to hear it again. So after a long gap of artists performing their 3/ 2 song sets it was then back to Delta. Following on was two songs taken from the debut EP and the first being Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down which is a Eric Bibb cover. Yes there were problems to begin with but Delta started it up again. There is a beat to this song and there felt there was some soul added into the mix. It was then rounded off by Stop Worryin’ Baby which has to be my favourite song. I simply love its melody and the lyrics gel together perfectly. It is simply beautiful and slightly mellowing/ gentle as well.


Broken Branches
Any Way I Want To
All I Dreamed
Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Stop Worryin’ Baby

So when Delta had finished her last song I then made my getaway. By the time I had left it was already 10.30pm and I thought I would be home by 9. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I would most definitely go to see Delta perform again. The reason why I enjoyed it more was due to the fact I knew what to expect. Back when I saw her support Ellie I knew nothing about her nor the music she sung. This time I could appreciate it more and the fact that her music is acoustic is always a bonus. Here is an interesting fact Delta is actually signed to Gary Barlow’s Future Records


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