V Festival @ Hylands Park 21st August 2010

This was the first time I had attended V. I was actually quite nervous as I did not know what to expect. Yes I have been to festivals before but those ones are smaller in comparison to V. Basically there was 4 stages and I knew whom I wanted to see after the timings appeared on the internet. So I got to the entrance at 10.30am which was very early as I expected delays as I was getting a lift to the festival. I went to the gate and just hung back. I miraculously meet a friend of mine whom I stick with after 4 acts. The security then put out the barriers and when the green light is given that is when the surge to get into the park starts. My ticket is scanned and the first stop was the 4Music stage. So Steve runs off to the stage and I try and get the wristband to the Hidden Garden but they opened up at 12. I then ran to the 4Music stage only for the security guards to direct me to the Virgin Media Union tent. After I realise I am in the wrong place I run to find the 4Music stage. Only problem was I didn’t know where I was running to as there was no sign posts. In the end I got to the stage and managed to get second row. Steve was in front of me so I did have a very good view through the gap. The good thing about opening the gates at 11.30 was the fact people where inside in time for the first band. Opening up the 4Music stage was American Pop/ Rock band The Pretty Reckless. On vocals is Taylor Momsen who appears in Gossip Girl. The set played was fairly short but it gave you a insight of what to expect from the debut album Light Me Up when that is released on 30th August. Everyone was geared up to see The Pretty Reckless play. Kicking off the set was title track Light Me Up and I really liked the lyrics they went perfectly with the melody of the song. Yes there may be three other people in the band but it wasn’t as heavy as I originally expected. I reckon this song has got single potential. Since You’re Gone then followed on there was a beat to it. Zombie was up next and this was a B side to the debut single. The song starts off slow and gets stronger when it progresses. Why it doesn’t feature on the album I do not know as it is a fantastic song. Miss Nothing followed on and this is the forthcoming single. It is very up tempo song. Album track My Medicine was the penultimate song; this song has an amazing beat to it. The fantastic set ended with Make Me Wanna Die. This song peaked at #1 in the UK Rock Chart back in May. I like the pace of this song and the chorus is extremely powerful. Now I really enjoyed this set I had expected it to be more heavy but it wasn’t it was the perfect blend of Pop and Rock. There is a bit of Grunge in there as well maybe that is because of Taylor’s appearance on stage. She was also wearing her famous clear platform shoes which had the tips in. The crowd of early starters enjoyed the set and it did leave me wanting to hear more. For starters I will be getting a copy of the debut album and in the future I would like to see them live again.


Light Me Up
Since You’re Gone
Miss Nothing
My Medicine
Make Me Wanna Die

Up next was a band I have seen a couple of times before and I really liked the pop music that they sung. Lead singer Daisy Coburn goes under the moniker Daisy Dares You. The set was really short as to be expected. It was over in a flash even Daisy couldn’t believe that her set needed to be wrapped up. “I have already played 25 minutes I have only got started”. The set was only 6 songs long but gave the crowd a taster of what to expect from the debut album Rush when it finally hits the shelves. Idiot was the opening number and there was so much energy put into the song. Daisy was wearing what looked like black leather trousers. Caught Up which was the song that followed on has really nice lyrics but it was album title track Rush I really liked. What was the best part of this song is the fact it was gentler compared to the others. For starters Daisy was not on her electric guitar for the very star. It is a song I would love to hear the studio version of. The 2nd single Rosie was next. Even though a video was recorded for this song the single got cancelled. Rosie was dedicated to Charlie who passed away the night previously. Daisy was referring to Charlie Haddon from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool whose death shocked many people. It is a nice song why it got cancelled I do not know. Everyone was clapping to this song and it has extremely catchy lyrics. The penultimate song was Who Will Buy which is taken from Oliver. Only one song could close down this set and this being debut single Number One Enemy. Unfortunately Chipmunk couldn’t join Daisy as he was up at Weston Park. This song was for Scarlett Daisy’s sister whom is pregnant. This is a powerful song and Daisy delivered it perfectly. It is a ever so infectious song and the Chipmunk bit was left out no backing vocals whatsoever. Loads of energy oozed from the performance and everyone in the crowd enjoyed the set. I can’t wait for the debut album to be released. During the set Daisy looked like Samara from The Ring as Daisy’s hair covered her face.


Caught Up
Who Will Buy
Number One Enemy

After having seen Daisy play a storming 6 song set it was then off to Gabriella Cilmi. I had plenty of time so I thought lets go and collect my wristband for the Hidden Garden. When I reached the entrance there was a massive queue. When I did eventually get my wristband I decided there was unfortunately no point trying to see Gab play as when I would have got there the set would be over. I then plumped for seeing The Divine Comedy on the 4Music stage. To be honest it was not my thing I was glad when it was over. When Neil Hannon came onto the stage he had a bottle of wine with him. Also Neil was wearing a bowler hat and was wearing a really nice suit. “Only me, I am the Divine Comedy” he informed the crowd when on the black piano. “This is very pleasant isn’t it, the sun always comes out for me,” he told the crowd. “I’m a lucky guy, hence why I’m still here 20 years later”. The seven track set kicked off with The Complete Banker and featured songs like Lady Of A Certain Age, Songs Of Love and I Like. Songs Of Love doubled up for the theme of Father Ted. Neil encouraged everyone to whistle the instrumental part. The set was wrapped up with I Like. This set was not to my taste but what made it more irritating is the fact when Neil was on piano there was the camera obscuring my view.


The Complete Banker
At The Indie Disco
National Express
Lady Of A Certain Age
Songs Of Love
Our Mutual Friends
I Like

After The Divine Comedy had finished there was then a short changeover. The next set was always going to be extravagant. This set was Paloma Faith and the stage was set just as it is set for her headline shows. Overall it was simply incredible. Paloma stuck her two fingers up at the crowd because it was the V Festival. So when she came out Paloma was wearing a long red dress and also was holding up a red umbrella which had tassels hanging from it. The opening number was Stone Cold Sober which in itself is a fantastic song. It is simply belted out. Following on is Smoke and Mirrors. Paloma informed the crowd that this was the next single to be released in October and the fact that she had just filmed the video and was “cream crackered”. As for the song I love the lyrics and it is very upbeat.  It is a song you can move about too. Romance Is Dead was next and what came after that song was something incredibly special. “Who got their ticket to see David Guetta” Faith said before revealing that his music wasn’t to her liking. This then led to the David Guetta song she took and turned it into something she liked. The song in question was Sexy Minx. It is played at a slower tempo and it definitely got the crowd worked up. The remix of Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful got the people dancing while Upside Down had crowd participation. Current single New York was up next and it got people singing along it is also a very powerful song as well. Rounding off the set was an Etta James cover At Last and Paloma definitely made it her own. Some of the lyrics were altered to reference Chelmsford. She also referred to herself being a Spanish Cockney.


Stone Cold Sober
Smoke and Mirrors
Romance Is Dead
Sexy Minx
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful  (Remix)
Upside Down
New York
At Last

Having left the 4Music stage I decided to see where the Nissan Juke Arena was. This would be helpful as I wanted to be there for Robyn then get front barrier for Ellie Goulding. Once I got to the entrance to the Arena there was a massive queue to get in. So I joined the queue sacrificing Lissie at the Virgin Media Union. If I wanted to get near to the front I guessed thus would have been the perfect time to get there. So I managed to get into the rammed pack tent for Tinie Tempah it was simply mental. Songs which were sung included Frisky, Invincible, Written In The Stars, a incredible rendition of Bad Romance and it was ended with Pass Out. This set was like a rave everyone enjoyed it and there was loads of energy oozing from the performance. Halfway through Pass Out I had to leave the tent as I needed to send a text and there was no signal in the tent. It was so packed I went to the side of the tent but there was still no signal. Once the barriers collapsed nearby me from the amount of people trying to force their way out I had no option but to try and get out of the tent. When outside I managed to get this message sent then I went back into the tent for Jason Derulo. It was still packed and I entered from the very back and worked my way through. During the set I did no way near get to the front of the stage. I did see it on the monitors though and I could see the stage. Jason sung Whatcha Say, In My Mind, Justin Timberlake cover Sexyback and he ended with Ridin Solo which got the crowd worked up. The backflips were really something. Once the set was over I then found myself near the barrier but in the 2nd row. How I managed that I do not know but it was exactly the place I wanted to be. Now the set by Robyn mainly featured material from her Body Talk album. If I remember correctly Robyn sung Fembot, Dancing On My Own, Cry When You Get Older and Dancehall Queen. Plus she also sang smash hit With Every Heartbeat which closed the set and also she sung Cobrastyle. I actually liked the new material and so did everyone else. It was a right rave up. The girls in front of me were going crazy loving every single minute of the set. I really liked Dance Hall Queen and Dancing On My Own is a good song as well.

Once Robyn had finished the girls who were just there for her got pulled over. The reason they were pulled over was due to the fact it was pack and if you didn’t get pulled out you would be stuck there till the very end. So I then nipped into the spot at the front barrier. This was good because Ellie was the artist I most wanted to see perform. The set was exactly the same as the last time I saw her play at Lovebox. Opening the set was iTunes only track Lights which is a strong song with perfect lyrics. Every Time You Go and This Love are both extremely infectious and you feel compelled to sing along to them. They are both songs which have a dancey vibe to. I would say This Love is more up tempo compared to Every Time You Go. Guns and Horses was next and it is a nice steady song which got a rapturous response. “Thankyou so much” Ellie said before telling the crowd that this was the last festival they were doing. “We’re so happy to be here” Goulding said before playing Roscoe. Midlake originally sung this song and Ellie completely makes it her own. It is slightly haunting and her sickly sweet vocals are amazing. Your Biggest Mistake is one of my favourite Goulding songs its infectious, you can dance to it is up tempo. You can’t help but think that this song is a true story. “Maybe that person is hearing it somewhere. It’s good to sort of get that off my chest”. Ellie then introduces the next song by saying it’s if you have ever been heartbroken. “It’s about a boy; it could be about a girl I suppose”. “It’s quite sad so if you have a lighter”. The song which followed on was The Writer which is slightly emotional and had charted #19 in the UK charts the week before. This was a slushy ballad which is like an emotional rollercoaster. Salt Skin which is a song about running away was fantastic. I loved the drum battle between Ellie and drummer Joe Clegg. The penultimate song was the first single which was released on Neon Gold this being the infectious Under The Sheets and you want to sing along to it as well. Why it didn’t get a rerelease I do not know as I reckon it would have had the same success as Starry Eyed. There was only one song that was going to end the set and this was Starry Eyed. It was a song that got everyone moving. Even I was doing the Starry Eyed hand movements. Overall the set was amazing yes it was exactly the same as the past few times I have seen her play but Ellie is getting better every gig. Also there was more banter with the crowd which is amazing because Ellie is shy and she was playing in a packed out tent.


Every Time You Go
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Guns and Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
The Writer
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets
Starry Eyed

Once Ellie finished I had to be pulled over the barrier. I had to feign dizziness otherwise there would have been no way of getting out by the time Florence was on stage. Fortunately there was 20 minutes grace from when Ellie finished and when Florence started. Once I got to the 4Music stage it was packed as I had expected. So I was at the back cutting through the hordes of people. The set had kicked off and it was Drumming Song which was the opener. My Boy Builds Coffins was then followed by the mellowing Cosmic Love. Now this song is completely beautiful. Howl was delivered strongly and then Heavy In Your Arms Florence referenced it as a brand new song. “Hope you’re having a good time, right now we’re going to play you a brand new song“. Well Heavy In Your Arms appeared on the soundtrack to Twilight: Eclipse. This song is both strong and powerful and it feels different to her current material. “I’d like to dedicate this next one to a friend of mine, he’s here but he’s not performing,” she explained beforehand. “Wherever he is, Dizzee this one is for you“. The songs being Candi Staton cover You’ve Got The Love. During this song there was lots of finger pointing Rabbit Heart was next and there was plenty of singing along to it. Before Kiss With A Fist Florence went over to the keyboard for a rockier introduction for the song. The band was then introduced one by one and the song that wrapped the night up was Dog Days Are Over. For once it did not start raining and there was plenty of people jumping up and down in unison. This was the perfect song to end on as lots of energy oozes from it.


Drumming Song
My Boy Builds Coffins
Cosmic Love
Heavy In Your Arms
You’ve Got The Love
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Kiss With A Fist
Dog Days Are Over

After Florence I decided to make my way out of Hylands Park. Why I hear you ask. The main reason was since Cheryl Cole had to pull out there was no headliner that took my fancy and I am not massive fans of David Guetta, Kings Of Leon, The Charlatans nor Groove Armada. So I decided to leave in a way it was a good thing because when I got my lift home the traffic was not at all bad. Well I left my very first V Festival buzzing after the day I had. I would most certainly do it all again next year.



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  1. Gerhard Landauf says:

    Very good report. Also the line-up this year was fantastic. Wished I could have been there… But as there are quite some clips already on YT (and probably more by planetmusic to be linked 😉 you can see it all there, without experiencing the atmosphere of a live gig of course.
    I’d like to add also that the way the V is organized, taking place at two dislocated places with the line-up swapping the other day, is very unique.

  2. Lyrics says:

    wow, you had reported these event completely. Your blog would be good reference event for me. Thank you bro

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