The Magic Numbers @ Levi’s Store, Regent Street 18th August 2010

Over two weeks the Flagship Levi’s Store in Regent Street were hosting some intimate gigs. Bands/ artists set to perform over the next two weeks included Lissie, Carl Barat, Steve Mason and Beardyman. Chilly Gonzales headlined the night before and headlining this night was The Magic Numbers. So I started to queue at 5.30pm yes it was two hours early but I had nothing to do in London. I just hung outside and checked my twitter on my phone to pass the time. At 7 is when people started to arrive. The doors opened a couple of minutes past 7.30 and everyone started to trickle in. I got wristbanded up and everyone was told to go downstairs to the bar. Considering I did not want to drink I found myself milling around the lower floor.

So nearing the time I went back upstairs and hung around the doors so I knew I would be at the front. To be honest I was only there to see Summer Camp who were supporting. The space then started to fill up waiting for the first band to take the stage. They were supposed to come on at ten to 8 but came on nearer to 8. Someone then introduced the band to the stage. Jeremy and Elizabeth took to the stage to claps. Once they were both on they kicked off with the infectious Ghost Train. This was the debut release on Moshi Moshi and it is very upbeat and the melody is brilliant the lyrics gel to it perfectly. Elizabeth sings this song and it was delivered perfectly. Forthcoming single Round The Moon was next and Jeremy takes to the microphone with Elizabeth. There is a slight fast pace to this song. After was the last song and this was new song Losing My Mind. I actually quite liked it. Elizabeth kept singing the line “This house isn’t big enough for the both of us”. Once the three songs had finished the crowd wanted to hear one more. Ending the night was the upbeat Was It Worth It? Along with Ghost Train this has to be one of my favourite Summer Camp songs. So after it was then onto a quick Q + A with them which was quite interesting and they mentioned about the Moshi Moshi label as they have a good track record. Elizabeth wondered if Moshi Moshi bury all of the failures.


Ghost Train
Round The Moon
Losing My Mind
Was It Worth It?

After a short break and a visit to the bar it was then onto the headlining act The Magic Numbers. Now I am not a massive fan of their music but I was aware of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2005. Again the set was very short in fact it was only 3 songs then the Q + A. The songs sung were mainly taken from the current 3rd album The Runaway. Still I enjoyed the songs performed but I didn’t leave the store converted into a huge Magic Numbers fan. The highlights included A Start With No Ending where the band wanted audience participation and Love Me Like You which was dedicated to a married couple who had it as the song for their first dance. The Q + A came three songs into the set and the host asked the question about the fact they play so many different instruments and mentioned about The Magic Numbers Orchestra which is on the official site. Well the Orchestra there are 10 different Youtube clips and you create your own track which is different all the time. The audience is then given the opportunity to ask questions before the band start playing again. Once Love Me Like You ended people demanded more and they then came back onto the stage and took a request. So after the song finished everyone started making their way out of the store.


The Pulse
Why Did You Call
A Start With No Ending
Throwing My Heart Away
Love Me Like You

OVERALL: I enjoyed the intimate setting of this gig. Regarding Summer Camp they are a band you have to listen to or catch live. The duo is Jeremy Warmsley and Platforms Editor Elizabeth Sankey. They are both signed to the Moshi Moshi label and sing catchy Folk/ Pop songs. The only disappointment about the set was that it was too short. I will most definitely see them live again and purchase the album when it is out. On another note forthcoming releases by the band include single Round The Moon and EP Young both which are definitely must haves.

As for The Magic Numbers they are a boy/ girl band consisting of Romeo Stodart, Sister Michelle, Steve Gannon and his sister Angela. The style of music was indie rock. I quite enjoyed the set but I wouldn’t go and rush out to buy music by them. My favourite songs from the set had to be opening number The Pulse which had to be started back up again because lead singer Romeo had a divaish moment as there was a noise coming from the ceiling. Also I enjoyed A Start With No Ending.


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