Sleigh Bells @ Rough Trade East 10th August 2010

Sleigh Bells are Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. I have been aware of them for a good couple of months after reading an article in NME about bands that played at SXSW. After I had to skip their set at the first Blue Flowers in May I was extremely excited to see them live. They had played at a sold out Lexington the night before. From what I heard it was a pretty intense night. This night was meant to be a instore for single Tell ‘Em but as that was being released the week after it turned out to be promotion for the debut album Treats. I managed to see both Alexis and Derek a couple of hours before the set. When meeting them you wouldn’t expect them to sing the music they sing. This isn’t the type of music I would listen to but the album had so many fillers that grabbed my attention. So when the band we going to start the sound check every one was ushered out the store. It was pretty poor on Rough Trade as it’s not specifically made clear that you need to queue outside. The only time I had to queue outside was Florence last year all the other instores I have been able to hang around inside. So when I got outside the queue was massive I would say there was about 100+ people. Luckily enough I knew someone at the front of the queue so I joined them. To be honest I would have been gutted to be right at the back when I had been at Rough Trade 4 hours prior. Once the doors opened I walked at a fast pace to the front. I managed to get right centre in front of the microphone. Being infront of a microphone is not my ideal place but there was no need to feel downhearted as the stand wasn’t used. The style of music was pop but heavy pop I was surprised how I wasn’t blown away from the sound when the set started. Derek was on guitar and Alexis was the vocalist. The 10 track set showcased material from the album Treats plus Tell ‘Em B side Holly. There was not a single bad song I enjoyed it till the very end.

Opening up the night was debut single Tell ‘Em which featured a backing track from the laptop. Still I found the song to be very in your face. Infinity Guitars was a short song which featured only two verses. Still it was delivered strongly and it was followed up by A/B Machines. For Kids it was a solo Alexis singing the song with the backing track accompanying her. I really liked the beat to this song. Derek then took to the stage for the energetic Riot Rhythm. The song may be short but it was extremely powerful. It was then onto Treats and was then followed by b side Holly. I actually really like that song it is very strong like all the songs on the night. Derek then went off the stage when Alexis sung Rill Rill. It is actually a lot different compared to the other songs sung on the night it was actually lighter and also it was catchy too. The penultimate song was the ever so short Straight A’s and it was then rounded off by Crown On The Ground. For this song there was a little audience participation plus a few screams.


 Tell ‘Em
Infinity Guitars
A/B Machines
Riot Rhythm
Rill Rill
Straight A’s
Crown On The Ground

 OVERALL: This was an instore which oozed energy. The debut album Treats is fantastic and I loved every song sung. Rill Rill had to be my favourite. After the set had finished Derek and Alexis stayed behind to meet fans and sign which I thought was a nice thing to do. Sleigh Bells are a band I will most definitely see again.


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  1. very good music !

    thank you…

  2. Oh, thanks a lot for this nice topic.

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