Erin K + Tash @ Freedom Bookshop 5th August 2010

Last week I went to a gig at a library now I found myself at a bookshop to see one of my favourite unsigned bands play a memorable set. The location was Freedom Bookshop which is on Whitechapel Road. It was very handy that it was a couple of seconds away from Aldgate East tube station. So when I reached the bookshop I waited in the alleyway. The band were already sitting outside. The band in question being the talented Erin K + Tash whom I adore so much. Why they still remain unsigned I do not know because they are fantastic. This night was going to take them into new territory and this was due to the fact there was to be no electronics whatsoever. No amps, no microphones. Just acoustic guitars, props and their own voices. Due to the fact that this night was extremely intimate the vocals were powerful. Something that did make me laugh was when Erin swore and realised a young child was in the room. This then lead to Erin introducing the first song about a love buddy which is the watered down introduction for Jiggy Miggy. Come to think about it none of the actual songs feature bad language. Yes they may be a bit sexual and graphic (as you can picture the story to each song) but that is it. As for the song it is extremely strong and this was then followed with Oh Well. This is a nice cheerful song. You can’t help but smile whenever it is played. Even though Erin cleared up the mystery of the kazoo noise at The Glad I still cannot make that noise myself. This Boy again is another happy song and beautiful at the same time. In fact it is quite mellowing and I really like the softness in the vocals. Waltz For The Rat Babies is a personal favourite of mine. This is down to the fact this was the song that I fell in love with when I saw them for the first time. This is a really nice song even though it is a tad dark. It is both strong and powerful but I cant help but smile. The lyrics are brilliant and the harmonising is wonderful. During this song Erin has her two bells again and the crow noises made me laugh. Up next was The Noodle Song or Ramen as it is known as. First of all the harmonising was spot on and I really enjoyed the fast pace and the quirky lyrics. Crazy and Insane is a song I haven’t heard for a while. The song is played at a fast pace and you are left guessing who Erin is singing the song about. The song is about someone whom is very special to her and at the end we find out that the song is about her cat. The final song on the night was Horse Head and this song basically tells you the origins of the horse head. This song is played at a fast pace and has a really powerful/ strong chorus. So after when it was finished there were chants for one more. The only song shouted out was Ikea. Now Ikea is a song that I haven’t heard for ages. So they then played Olga a song about a lesbian sex doll (It is about the Real Doll Phenomenon). This song is slightly graphic but what I love about it is the addition of slight humour. Laresse sung this song with Erin and Tash lending the harmonies. After it was then onto Ikea which followed on straight away. This song is extremely short and the only word in it is Ikea.


Jiggy Miggy

Oh Well

This Boy

Waltz For The Rat Babies


Crazy And Insane

Horse Head



OVERALL: This was a nice evening spending it listening to music that you appreciate live. Yes this bizarre setting did take the band into new territory but they completely pulled it off.


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