Lissie @ ICA 28th July 2010

This gig was special for one reason and that was because this was Lissie’s first ever headline gig. Yes she headlined Bush Hall but it was joint headlined with Alan Pownall. From this headline gig I expected a longer set and it looked like this was true after I saw the fact Lissie was on stage at 9.20pm. Debut album Catching A Tiger was released in June and crashed into the album charts entering at #22. I was hoping for some different album tracks to be played but this wasn’t the case. The songs played were exactly the same as Bush Hall minus the Bad Romance cover. There was a two song encore which did truly turn out to be something spectacular. Come 9.20 Lissie kicked things off with non album track Wedding Bells. The vocals by Maurus are sheer perfection and this steady paced song is ever so beautiful. Worried About followed on. It was a powerful song and loads of energy oozes from it. When I’m Alone is a song I completely adore as it is packed with passion and emotion. It was just incredible to see Lissie belt out this wonderful song at ease. Everywhere I Go is a nice power ballad which was delivered strongly while with Bully you can picture a story to it. The official second single was next this being Cuckoo. It got a good reception and since I have seen the music video I love this song even more. Lissie then tells us the background about the song and how she was always pushing the boundaries at school. This is a infectious song which many people in the crowd loved. A slightly emotional bit of banter by Maurus followed. She mentioned about her late Grandad who past away 5 years ago and how he would never want to leave Rhode Island. Lissie also mentioned she would like it if her Grandad was watching down on her singing. Oh Mississippi follows on and it sounds like a national anthem. It is a beautiful song and it describes the troubles Rhode Island has faced (ie the decrease in population from 45000 to 35000). The fast infused In Sleep was the penultimate song on the night and the guitar rifts were brilliant.

Closing the set was Little Lovin’. Before the song Lissie announced it was the last song which resulted in a grown. Maurus responded saying that she will be back if people wanted her back with a special guest. Now the special guest wasn’t really a surprise for me as I had been text earlier which told me a few people in attendance. Well this song is pure country and it very upbeat. It is a song you can have a dance to and in my eyes is the perfect song to end on as it gets the people moving. So Lissie went offstage with Lewis, Eric and Stuart only to come skipping back on after everyone was chanting the woah bits from Little Lovin’. The special guest is then is revealed to be Ellie Goulding. The song sung was Patty Griffin cover Making Pies and it sounded beautiful. They both work well together and their voice compliment one another. If there were two artists that I would like to record an album of duets it will be these two. During the song everyone started clapping and Ellie was probably thinking why is everyone clapping the song is not finished. The final song of the night was incredible it was a cover of Lionel Richie’s Hello which Maurus described as being dark. This was a interesting choice of song to cover but got the cheers and everyone joining in with the lyrics. The song which was played at a slow pace is moving as well. Lissie does justice to the song and doesn’t put a foot wrong considering the lyrics were stuck to the speaker in front.


Wedding Bells
Worried About
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
Oh Mississippi
In Sleep
Little Lovin’


Making Pies

OVERALL: This was a fantastic Lissie gig. Yes the album tracks sung were the same as Bush Hall but that did not phase me in the slightest. The songs are wonderful and Lissie puts everything into them. She injects a bit of passion into each song my favourites had to be the emotional charged When I’m Alone, the beautiful Oh Mississippi and the infectious Cuckoo. The cover of Hello was something special and Maurus pulled it off. That cover was brilliant and the guitar solo in Bully and Cuckoo were fantastic.


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