Cruella Ribbons @ The Wilmington Arms 29th July 2010

This was my second time at The Wilmington Arms. Strangely enough my first time was to see the band that supported Cruella Ribbons at the Zenith Bar. This time I did not get lost trying to find this pub which is hidden in Exmouth Market. The reason I was here was to support Kelly White aka Cruella Ribbons. She was actually headlining and had been teasing me about a Lady GaGa cover for the last 2 months. There was air conditioning in this venue which is a rarity. I had my coat slightly zipped up because it was too cold. There was support from one artist and two bands. Everyone got a 30 minute set and kicking the night off was Canvey Island. To be honest he was not to my liking and what was the reason behind the random pictures that were being projected onto the ceiling I do not know. The second act Mary At Midnight showed a bit more promise. It was their first gig meaning the 5 track set was a bit ropey. Still once it was over there were people shouting for more only to be told that they had no more songs. The third act Nature Set blew the first 2 out the water. This was a 4 piece band consisting of 3 girls and 1 guy. I actually enjoyed this set. It may of seemed long when glancing at the set list but they breezed through it at ease.

Cruella Ribbons was the headliner. Once Kelly got onto the stage I was tempted to say Hi but it was obvious she was in a rush. Kelly had told everyone that she would be on at 10 only to come on 35 minutes later. At the start there were a few technical difficulties as no sound was coming from the guitar. Still when it was sorted she sailed through Remind Me Why I Liked You Again. The One was next and Kelly urged the audience to get involved and there was cheers when it was over. Following after was a brand spanking new song called You’re My Robin Hood. Kelly apologized if she was a bit ropey as she had only finished it earlier that morning after pulling in a all nighter just to finish it off. Still it was a brilliant song. Up next was the promised GaGa cover. I even got a mention which was nice. At first it took me a few seconds to realise it was Bad Romance. It was a nice cover and she put her own twist on it. Kelly kept saying put your paws up to the people dancing in front of her. The final two songs being Sunshine To My Showers then When Will I Learn which was going to be dedicated to a friend as it was her birthday but didn’t turn up. It was clear to see that the dancing in front of Kelly was making her indomitable. There were two dancers and lets say that they were a bit OTT. The set by Kelly was really nice and the GaGa cover was sensational. I enjoyed the brand new song and I cant wait for the finished version of it. Kelly had originally wanted to end on Sunshine To My Showers but was then told to do one more song.


Remind Me Why I Like You Again
The One
You’re My Robin Hood
Bad Romance
Sunshine To My Showers
When Will I Learn

OVERALL: Cruella Ribbons plays Punk/ Power Pop music. The tracks by her are all fillers and I enjoyed them all. I look forward to hearing the final version of You’re My Robin Hood. There was not a single bad song sung on the night despite Kelly’s reservations at the end of the gig. The dancing that was happening by the two people at the front was making Kelly uncomfortable and was cringing to watch. This gig was not a complete shambles but I know for sure the next one will be a millions times better.

As for the support acts Mary At Midnight and Nature Set it was both the first gig they had done. Nature Set was Reenie’s (Long Blondes) new band. Well both of these acts I would go and see again. Yes Mary At Midnight were a bit ropey but they will improve over time. As for Nature Set it was the first time they had performed but they got through the set no problems at all.


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