Holly Miranda @ Westminster Reference Library 27th July 2010

Back in April Holly Miranda was due to play at the Borderline and Westminster Reference Library in April. Then the volcano decided to blow its top meaning air space was closed which resulted in those gigs being cancelled. I did not have tickets to any of those shows as I had plan to catch her on the Camden Crawl but alas that was cancelled too. So a month later I decide to get a ticket for the Westminster Reference Library. Now this gig was part of the Get It Loud In Libraries series and this was a complete surreal experience. Gigs in libraries you wouldn’t go together but in a way it did. I would most definitely go to another gig taking place in a library. This sold out gig was very intimate. Mainly because I was at the front and the fact there was no stage whatsoever was again surreal. Supporting Holly Miranda was Alessi Laurent Marke who was minus her ark. This was acoustic Alessi and I really enjoyed this short but sweet set. It was only kept to just 8 songs and it featured songs from debut LP Notes From The Treehouse, a couple from current EP Soul Proprietor, a few newies and a old one. Opening the set was Witch that did not make the cut on the album and was then followed by the new song The Chicken Song which actually was really good. Time Travel was again another new song and was about the repercussions of the gig she did in Falmouth. The two songs which ended the set were Ribbon Lakes and The Horse. There is something special about hearing acoustic music and being so close was so surreal.

The change over was extremely quick 10 minutes to be exact. You could tell that the library had a certain curfew. All in all it was extremely hot and there was no water provided. If we wanted a drink you had to go outside and go to the pub that was nearby. The set was a lengthy 14 songs long showcasing material from debut album The Magician’s Private Library, a couple of new songs and a couple of covers. Most of the songs were heavily influenced by the electric guitar Holly was playing There was also two other guitarists Timmy Mislock, Will Cameron and drummer David Daniels. My favourites on the night had to be when Holly ditched the guitar to play the keyboard. There was not a bad song played on the night I enjoyed them all and will be purchasing the album on vinyl very soon. I preferred the songs that were played on the keyboard as they were more gentle/ softer. These songs were Forest Green, Oh Forest Green, High Tide and Everytime I Go To Sleep. The new songs went down well and the fact they played Singular Acceptance was nice as this song features as a extra track you can download. The covers of Etta James I’d Be Blind was very unique and powerful and the Davis Byrne Glass, Concrete & Stone cover I can’t put it into words how brilliant it was. The new songs are wonderful and if I was to pick out one it would be Pelican Rapids which was the last song before the encore. There is definitely Soul within Holly’s vocal range and I for one can’t wait to see her again.


No One Just Is
Slow Burn Treason
Forest Green, Oh Forest Green
High Tide
Everytime I Go To Sleep
Mark My Words
Etta James – I’d Rather Be Blind
Secret Identity
Singular Acceptance
Pelican Rapids


Davis Byrne – Glass, Concrete & Stone
Wrong So Long

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night. The songs sung on the night were fantastic and I most definitely be picking up a copy of the album. I most definitely will see Holly again. A library is a fantastic place for a gig. It finished at 10.15pm and I guess it had a strict curfew. After leaving I was lucky enough to meet Holly which was nice.


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