iTunes Festival – Pixie Lott @ Roundhouse 20th July 2010

When waiting for the support to come on the question on everyone’s lips was who is Rachel Furner? I actually knew who she was as I am extremely fortunate she contributed to this blog last May. Basically the time the set was over there were plenty of new Rachel fans. Quite a few people joined in with the blue and white stripes that were painted onto everyone’s face. Once Rachel came onstage she kicked off her heels and started to play the keyboard. Follow Me kicked the set off and Better was the one that was played after. Her vocals are ever so powerful and Follow Me was very up tempo. It was delivered perfectly and in my eyes it was a good song to open up with. Rachel asked everyone to go wild for Human Nature. This was a upbeat song and the vocals are powerful. Everyone was clapping along and I actually really liked the song. So after plenty of cheers it was onto La Roux cover In For The Kill. It sounded incredible and Rachel has a stunning vocal range. She most definitely added her own twist to it and made the song her own. Unravel was a beautiful song one which I would like to hear the studio version of. Loving It has infectious in your face lyrics. For Sticks + Stones the lyrics are incredible. Quite sad as well and it is true. The song starts up with the lyrics “Sticks and stones may break my bones, But the words will always hurt me”.  No Logic In Love ended a wonderful 8 song set. I could honestly see her for longer. It seems that there was emotion added into each song. Rachel revealed that the debut EP will be coming out in September and I for one cant wait to purchase a copy.


Follow Me
Human Nature
In For The Kill
Lovin’ It
Sticks + Stones
No Logic In Love

The atmosphere was tense during the video countdown. I would say this crowd was more lively than the other nights I had been at. Everyone here was to see the talent which is Pixie Lott. I first saw her live at the iTunes store last year and my experience was almost soured. Once the final clip played there was then a countdown and then another video clip played. It was like what they showed when introducing the artists on the X Factor results program (2 number 1 singles, Platinum album etc). Everyone started to chant Pixie and then she burst onto the stage with the catchy up tempo Turn It Up. I like the lines “I know you can’t stay, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the fall. We had our time, baby, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the call”. Why this song only charted at #11 I do not know. Before playing Band Aid Pixie mentioned she was excited about the night. This song is a slow ballad, beautiful as well. The chorus is lovely but my favourite bit has to be the start. Gravity was up next and again it is a soft gentle song with a powerful chorus. My Love was then backed with Pixie’s 2nd #1 single Boys And Girls. This went down well with the crowd. I love the pace to it and the beat/ lyrics are both infectious. You just want to join in with the chorus.

The Way The World Works was delivered perfectly and people were singing along. Nothing Compares is a slushy beautiful ballad which was delivered at a steady pace. The Medley was special as it featured some of Pixie’s favourite songs these being Alicia Keys – Sleeping With A Broken Heart, Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo, Usher – OMG, Tinie Tempah – Pass Out and Rihanna – Rude Boy. The medley sounded incredible. After Pixie went off the stage only to come back again minutes later. Here We Go Again turned into a sing along while the next song was a exclusive. This being brand new song Broken Arrow. This was a beautiful song and it was delivered perfectly. After hearing this right in front of me makes me anticipate the second album. Cry Me Out showcases her extraordinary vocal range and after Pixie exit’s the stage again. The two guitarists play the melody of She Said by Plan B. Cue another sing along. Once Pixie comes on she delivers the song perfectly adding her own soulful twist. “From the new soul to the old soul” “I would like to dedicate this song to my mama….. Everyone sing along if you know it”. The song in question being a beautiful take on Midnight Train To Georgia and literally everyone is going crazy. Only one song could end a fantastic night this being the debut single Mama Do which hit top spot in the charts. This got a rapturous response and a few people were doing the Pixie hand clap.


Turn It Up
Band Aid
My Love
Boys And Girls
The Way The World Works
Nothing Compares
Medley (Sleeping With A Broken Heart, Ridin Solo, OMG, Pass Out, Rude Boy)
Here We Go Again
Broken Arrow
Cry Me Out
She Said (Acoustic)
Midnight Train To Georgia (Acoustic)
Mama Do

OVERALL: This was the second time I had seen Pixie and I would pay to see her again. This time I had a ticket so I got the spot I wanted. I am even tempted to buy the album. As for support by the wonderful Rachel Furner one word Brilliant. Rachel is definitely someone to watch out for. All in all the queuing since 1.30pm was well worth it.


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