Ben & Jerry’s Sundae 2010 @ Clapham Common 24th July 2010

Alice Gold

This was my 2nd time at the Ben & Jerry’s  festival. Headlining this day was Scouting For Girls. Initially I purchased the ticket just to see Slow Club but after listening to the other bands on the line up I found a further 2 artists I wanted to see. The price had risen quite a bit to £15 a ticket. Knowing how much I enjoyed myself last year the price didn’t really phase me. So I arrived at Clapham Common around 11.30am for the gates to open at 12. When they did open a band were already playing. That is a bit disappointing as they were playing to no one. Once I got inside I grabbed some Phish Food and progressed to the main stage. When there I caught one song and went off to get my last Ice Cream cone of the afternoon. The problem I found from the line up was the people I didn’t really want to see were sandwiched between acts I did want to see. So there was no chance of me getting off to get more Ice Cream. Well I could, but getting my front spot space back would turn to be tricky. The first artist I saw was Alice Gold and she is a newcomer to the Indie scene and I really enjoyed the set which was played. I really liked her song Runaway Love and also Why Why Why (or Cry Cry Cry) which ended the set. Conversations was good as well but I preferred the other songs sung. Alice is someone to look out for and I most definitely would see her live again. After a short break it was then onto Little Fish. There was a rock feel to the music they sung. Honestly they weren’t for me I had listened to music by each band before the event and Little Fish were one band who didn’t meet my musical taste. The songs that were sung was a taster of what is to come from debut album Baffled & Beat.

Pearl & The Puppets

Once over there was another wait to the next band. Coming up next was Pearl and the Puppets and I was excited to see them live. They definitely will be big as they have some brilliant songs. I for one cant wait for the debut album. The band is led by Pearl (aka Katie Sutherland) and she backed up by her puppets. They hail from Scotland and their songs have featured in Vodafone and Lingerie adverts. The songs are beautiful and Katie has a unique voice. Songs that were sung included Because I Do and Mango Tree from the Because I Do EP. Plus the upcoming single Make Me Smile was a nice song. I quite liked Inside Out and Kisses as well. I most certainly be getting the album when released and will be seeing when they are back in London. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis were next. I had previously saw them live before but they are not to my liking. The music sung is country/ blues music and its not the type of music I would be a fan of.

It was the onto Slow Club whom I had really wanted to see. The set they played was short but it showcased favourites from Yeah So plus a couple of new songs from the follow up album. Both were sporting blacked out shades and it is perfectly understandable as Rebecca had been on holiday and had gotten back on home turf in the early morning. The set opened up with Wild Blue Milk. It is a nice song which I really like why it only appeared as a B side that I do not know. A new song If We’re Still Alive follows on and I quite like the pace of the song. The lyrics fit perfectly to it and it is clear to see that they are having fun singing every song they play. I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream was next and it is a beautiful slow paced song which Charles mainly sings. Rebecca’s harmonising is brilliant. Because We’re Dead is a real crowd pleaser as it gathers momentum till the very end. There is loads of energy from this song and the lyrics are infectious. Before starting Palms there was a few technical difficulties. Also Charles tells the audience the fact he is a choc o holic/ shoe a holic. After Palms there was hilarious banter from Rebecca. People were shouting out songs that they cant play. Two being Apples and Pairs then Me and You. “We lost a few instruments along the way which means we can’t play some of them ones. But it means we can’t ruin them for you”. “This is another new one, I don’t care if you don’t want us to do it cos were gun to”. Hackney Marsh is a beautiful mellowing song. It has some powerful lyrics as well. The banter from Rebecca dedicating the song to a baby was funny. Before Trophy Room Charles mention he was going to bring a cool box but never got round to doing it. Also he was going to take advantage of the free ice cream after the show. Well the song being Trophy Room which got a really good reception. The penultimate song was another new one this being Gold Mountain. It did take Charles a while to tune up and Rebecca says “Oh My God I mean do we have to do this awkward thing again”. So Rebecca’s topic was Eastenders as she had been on holiday and was three episodes behind. Basically she tricked the audience into revealing what the big reveal on the Friday was. “Alright there is 2 songs left we don’t have to be awkward ever again” Rebecca said with excitement. This is a nice song and it is different to the style of the songs on the first album. Ending the set was the fast paced Giving Up On Love. Why this song wasn’t released on vinyl I do not know as I would of loved to have a copy. It has to be one of my favourites from Yeah So.


Wild Blue Milk
If We’re Still Alive
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Because We’re Dead
Hackney Marsh
Trophy Room
Gold Mountain
Giving Up On Love

When Scouting For Girls came onstage it was complete pandemonium. The main stage was packed to the rafters. The set by them was enjoyable and was singles packed plus a few non singles. The first song went down well this being Heartbeat which had the audience chanting along to the lyrics. They were definitely up for a good time and the guys were going to give it to them. Little Miss Naughty was dedicated to all the naughty girls. It is actually a very good song from the current album and Roy was working the stage by going to each side. The lyrics were infectious and strong. Also there was plenty of jumping around. It’s Not About You was a acoustic number. It sounded beautiful I loved the slow pace. The crowd loved the song as everyone was singing along to it. The current single Famous is a catchy number and the title of the album comes from this song. Before starting the song Roy reveals that Jamie normally mucks up the beginning so everyone in the crowd was chanting Jamie. My favourite song was next this being James Bond where Roy sings that he wants to be James Bond for the day. The song is mainly played on the keyboard and is very up tempo. Again there was the audience singing along and it got a rapturous applause when over. Next it was a cover of Live and Let Die which was sung superbly. It was dedicated to the older people in the crowd and the rockers. Album track Silly Song was then followed by Elvis Ain’t Dead the crowd were literally going crazy. Posh Girls was a pacey song which had everyone shouting out the lyric Boys at school. The penultimate song was Keep On Walking and finishing off the set was #1 single This Ain’t A Love Song. The start of the song always reminds me of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. Still with this song everyone was singing along and when it ended it got the cheers. So the band went off stage only to come on after everyone was chanting for a encore. These two songs were rockier and the first was 1+1 and the second was She’s So Lovely. This song capped off a wonderful night and there was loads of people wanting She’s So Lovely. There is a slight tempo and everyone was singing to this song. The singing occurred in almost all of the songs that were sung. At the end Roy got off the stage and cue everyone going crazy. He basically ran and ended up back on stage .


Little Miss Naughty
It’s Not About You
James Bond
Live And Let Die
Silly Song
Elvis Ain’t Dead
Posh Girls
Keep On Walking
This Ain’t A Love Song


1 + 1
She’s So Lovely


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