Spark @ Puregroove 19th July 2010

After two years at the Farringdon location Puregroove was closing down. They have held some fantastic instores including the likes of Mumford & Sons, Marina and the Diamonds, Peggy Sue, Gaggle and many more. This instore was always going to be special as it was the last one until they have a new location in 2011. Due to it closing they were selling off all the stock so vinyls were reduced. Spark was the artist that was performing and this was to coincide with the release of debut single Shut Out The Moon. Spark is the stage name of Jess Morgan and she is another name from the BRIT school Alumni. I first heard of her as she supported Marina and the Diamonds The Gem Tour. She captivated my interest straight away and I liked the pop music she sung. The set was a short 6 songs but what made it special was that it was completely acoustic. Kicking off the set was the strong powerful song Keeper. This song was just Spark playing the keyboard. Her vocals are spine tingling and it had some really good up tempo lyrics. American Girl had strong lyrics which were delivered perfectly. My favourite part of the song has to be the lyrics at the end:

And they say that home is where the heart is
And her heart is firmly here
Nowhere can make her feel like this

Revolving is a catchy song and it sounded slightly darker in tone. Damage Done was beautiful. It was another song which Jess played by herself on the keyboard. She changed the settings on the keyboard to strings. It sounded so mellowing and there was actually a tingle going up my spine. The vocals are extraordinary and powerful at the same time. Damage Done was a steady paced song which was delivered beautifully. The band then joined in for the next song Receiver. It has some catchy lyrics and I especially like the spoken parts. It is definitely my favourite song by Spark. Before the final song of the night there was a little banter by Spark then she said “I’m going to stop talking and sing the song” and then played Shut Out The Moon which was released the previous week. The lyrics are interesting and this song is extremely pop. It is good choice of debut single. How I picture the song is the moon is a spotlight and Spark is not ready so she has to “run away and hide”.


American Girl
Damage Done
Shut Out The Moon

OVERALL: Spark is an emerging talent whom I see will get massive in the future. This instore ended a glorious 2 years for Puregroove and what a way to end it. Having someone who is going to be someone to watch out for in the future play. Puregroove have hosted some fantastic instores and I for one will miss them but they will be back.


Pure Groove, West Smithfield

2008 – 2010

You Will Be Missed


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