Erin K & Tash @ The Glad 18th July 2010

I never really knew how much I missed seeing Erin and Tash play until this gig. This show was at The Glad which is located near Borough tube station. Once I got there a hour before I was surprised to see how small the pub actually was. Paul couldn’t make this night so there was no drums. Erin roped in Marco who she met that day to play instead. Marco mainly was playing the shaker. The band came on at 9pm as the support Sous Chef did not show up for some reason. This was a full set by the band featuring the old favourites and a couple of new ones. It kicked off with new song This Boy and it features in the promo video for the book The Sky Is Everywhere. This was a nice gentle song. Slightly mellowing as well. After Oh Well Erin cleared up how she makes that kazoo noise. Basically she says Girl over and over again. “Who has a f**k buddy” Erin said before starting the Jiggy Miggy. A guy then points to his partner. Yes it is a bit sexual but it is a really good strong song. Honey Tree was next and it is a gentle song and is played at a full flowing pace. Ramen is played at a slight fast pace. Erin is on the acoustic guitar. Well the song is about a Ramen noodle and the lyrics are quirky and the harmonising by Tash and Laresse is simply perfect. Waltz For The Rat Babies was a real treat. Erin was accompanied by two bells. I cant help but smile when this song is sung. The lyrics are fantastic and the same applies to the harmonies. Its slightly dark towards the end and part of the song is strong and powerful. You can easily picture the story to this song and it did gain a few laughs. The mellowing Coins was next and it was a beautiful song and different as it was minus drums. Clippety Clop is a song by Tash and I adore its fast pace. The lyrics are pure genius and it gels to the melody perfectly. Olga which is a song about a lesbian sex doll was sung by Laresse. Radiator Lady was the last new song on the night and it is very up beat. The last song of the night was Horse Head and it had a fast tempo and a strong chorus. Wearing the Horse Head this time was Mark who volunteered to put it on. So after the song finished Erin said that was meant to be it but then played one final song There’s Not Really Something About Mary. “Mary this is for you”. Basically the song tells the story about Mary who meets Jimmy on the internet who was Erin’s boyfriend.  It is a nice song and you can easily pick up on the story behind it because the lyric describe it perfectly well.


This Boy
Oh Well
Jiggy Miggy
Honey Tree
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Clippety Clop
Radiator Lady
Horse Head
There’s Not Really Something About Mary

OVERALL: This was a nice night spent in a intimate setting. They never fail to make me smile. The new songs are wonderful. Plus old song Ramen went well considering it was the first time it had been played live. I am looking forward to seeing them next month.


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