Lovebox @ Victoria Park 16th July 2010

This was my first time at Lovebox. Even though this was my first time at the festival this was not the first time I had been to Victoria Park. I mainly got my ticket to see Ellie Goulding play. Dizzee Rascal was headlining but I was not that fussed seeing him play as I saw him live when he did a joint headline gig with Lily Allen. You may think £45 for one artist was an awful lot of money but there were a few other artists who caught my eye. This being The Noisettes and The Maccabees. The Maccabees were headlining the Gaymers Stage so I knew if I went I wouldn’t be right at the front.

Days before the event HMV confirmed that there was going to be a pop up shop. Visiting this pop up shop were Ellie Goulding and Mystery Jets on the Friday and Yeasayer on the Saturday. Ellie was going to be appearing there at 3pm. The gates opened 30 minutes late and then people started to flood through. Where as people would of most likely headed to the different stages I headed to the pop up shop and just hung round there. A security guard then said go behind the barriers. So everyone did only for us to be told he meant the barrier in front of the barrier. To be honest that was some poor organisation there. I went round the barrier and got into the second row. It was OK because there was a gap so I could see take pictures. Once Ellie and Chris came on she said could people sit right in front of them. Some girls were then picked out and went to the front. There was a nice feeling to this short instore maybe it was down to the fact that the turnout was not massive. Wearing her Panda hat Ellie kicked things off with Guns + Horses. What was to make this even more incredible it was a acoustic version without the aid of a microphone. It was kind of like a busk. The difficult thing about no microphones is that it can be difficult to hear especially when you have other people playing so loud. Thankfully I heard crystal clear as Ellie’s vocals got more stronger as the song progressed.

The harmonising by Chris was fantastic. So after the song was over there was a massive round of applause and it was onto the second. This song was Starry Eyed and Ellie told everyone she would like them to sing the chorus with her. It was truly spectacular and you could clearly tell that Ellie was enjoying it. During the song I was actually trying to fight back a coughing fit. After Ellie said that was the last song and apologised for the fact there was no microphones. But I was not fussed with no microphones. Ellie clearly carried the songs to perfection. Thinking about it people at the back wouldn’t of been able to hear. Still it was something extremely special to be at and I would love to see her acoustic again. Wouldn’t The Writer be so amazing when played acoustic. Afterwards Ellie went off only to come back for a signing minutes later. People then lined up at the entrance with copies of Lights in their hands ready to get signed. I did not relish the prospect of having to buy yet another copy. Yes Lights is a fantastic album but I didn’t really want a 7th copy. Still the nice security man let me through and I got to have a little chat with Ellie. People were also getting pictures taken to even though someone said no pictures due to time constraints. It was then to the main stage. I had been prepared to not get a spot at the front but I was surprised to get the place I wanted barrier right centre. The two acts I saw were Smurfie Syco and Newham Generals. They are both signed to Dizzee Rascal’s label Dirtee Stank. Now I actually quite enjoyed Smurfie’s set. Songs it included was Rihanna’s Run This Town and ASBO plus others. Whereas Newham Generals were a good duo but the music they sung did not captivate me enough.

At 5.35pm it was time for the main reason I was there. Ellie Goulding played a 10 song set. One non album track, a cover and 8 tracks taken from the album. The set played was in the exact same order like all the other times I have seen her play but minus two songs. There were then people chanting for Ellie to take to the stage and then the music to Lights started to play. As soon as she entered there was an eruption of cheers as soon as she came on minus panda hat. Well Lights is extremely strong and Ellie gets through it at ease. Every Time You Go is a infectious up tempo number. I like its beat and it has a dancey vibe to it. This Love follows on and before Ellie thanks the crowd. Again this song you can dance to and is infectious as well. “My names Ellie…Hello” she said before singing Guns & Horses. “This song you can sing along to if you want to”. Now I really like this song it is played at a steady pace and I am surprised it didn’t chart higher in the top 40. Midlake’s Roscoe was next and this is an amazing cover. Ellie’s vocals are superb and she definitely added to her own twist to it. A song about making a mistake was next and Ellie decided to call it Your Biggest Mistake. This again is another addictive song that you just feel obliged to sing along to. “This song is quite sad and is about a boy and it’s called The Writer”. Ellie also mentioned that if anyone had lighters use them. This is a lovely slushy ballad that sounds so beautiful. There is a dash of emotion in the song and Ellie’s sickly sweet vocals are pure perfection. Salt Skin is about “running away from someone which you have to do sometimes”. This was a strong song and Ellie’s vocals are extremely powerful. The drum solo was excellent ashame there was no drum battle between her and Joe Clegg like what happened at the iTunes show. The penultimate song got plenty of cheers and it turned out to be a massive sing along. Under The Sheets was the song and it is highly infectious. The lyrics go perfectly with the melody and the chorus is simply fantastic. Ending a wonderful set was the energetic Starry Eyed and it was a real crowd pleaser.


Every Time You Go
This Love
Guns + Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
The Writer
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets
Starry Eyed

The set by The Noisettes was really good. Front woman Shingai Shoniwa was bundles of energy as she worked the stage and even came off it a few times. Things kicked off with Don’t Upset The Rhythm. The stage was spectacular and there were loads of shooting sparks as the song started. Album tracks 24 Hours and Saturday Night followed on. It was the covers that impressed me. It started with Gene Wilder’s Pure Imagination. Most notably it featured in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. “Without the lyric to this song I don’t know where I would be right now”. It was sung beautifully and after the song Shingai says “I fancy a quick boogie”. The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love With Someone? Was then up next. In fact the lyrics are quite tongue in cheek after they nearly split up the year before. A cover of Dennis Ferrer’s Hey Hey was up next and Shingai went into the crowd picked up someone’s glasses on the floor and went back onto the stage. Every Now And Then followed on. Capping off the set was a fantastic performance of Never Forget You. “London I’ll Never Forget You”. The a capella at the end was spine tingling and how everyone sang the line always remember me. So after they finished Shingai introduces the band then they leave and I make my way to the back.


Don’t Upset The Rhythm
24 Hours
Saturday Night
Pure Imagination
Ever Fallen In Love With Someone?
Hey Hey
Every Now And Then
Never Forget You

OVERALL: Once I left the main stage I had a wander round then went over to the Gaymers Stage. There were loads of people there so I then made my decision to leave. Yes I would of liked to have seen The Maccabees but I am not a huge fan. I would be hearing songs I would hear for the first time. So I then left and made my way home. Even though I had seen only 4 different artists I wasn’t disappointed. The highlight of the day has to be Ellie Goulding appearing at the HMV Pop Up Shop.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my God. Are you kidding me? You didn’t see The Maccabees? I went for The Maccabees! Seriously, they were fucking amazing. My friend, not even a massive fan of them (she likes them, she just doesn’t love them), thinks their gigs are AMAZING and she said they were the highlight of her Lovebox Friday! They were amazing. My favourite band ever. xx

    1. Planet Music says:

      I do plan to catch The Maccabees perhaps when they next tour again. The only reason I didnt see them was down to the fact I haven’t really heard the second album yet. I liked the debut though 😀

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