Lissie @ The Flowerpot 12th July 2010

Over the next week the label Communion were taking over The Flowerpot in Kentish Town. The series of events put on were artists collaborating with each other. I mainly attended the first of 7 gigs which featured Lissie. She is an extreme talent and her Country/ Indie music that is played is absolutely wonderful. Debut album Catching A Tiger entered the charts at #22. Other artists on the night were James Moss, The Staves and headlining was Mt Desolation. Now I knew nothing about these other acts. Later on I found out Mt Desolation is a Keane side project. Originally I thought the night was 4 sets but it wasn’t. James Moss only collaborated with The Staves. I quite enjoyed the set by The Staves. They performed a host of songs which included Mexico and Facing West from the debut EP Facing West. Opening the set by Lissie was Lil’ Lovin which is very up beat. I like the passion that is put into the songs and the vocals were superb. The banter before the beautiful Everywhere I Go was hilarious. “We spilt water over something electrical, exits are clearly marked”. The reason this song is amazing because A) it’s beautiful and B) it sounds slightly emotional. It was played at a steady pace and the chorus is ever so powerful. When I’m Alone is belted out at ease and again there is emotion injected into the song. It has to be one of my favourites. After a while tuning up it was then onto Bully. Again this is beautiful and I like the fact it tells a story. Like Lil’ Lovin which features the title of the debut EP this song features the name of the album Catching A Tiger. The guitar solo towards the end is incredible. A storming performance of debut single In Sleep followed on.

Once over the drum kit was removed from the stage then some of Mt Desolation and The Staves joined for Wedding Bells. The stage was literally packed and this sounded incredible. Basically the others joined in with the chorus it was simply brilliant, special at the same time. Rounding off the set was Oh Mississippi which is ever so powerful. This song is beautiful and some of Mt Desolation were on stage with her. The way it sounded was like a national anthem. Straight after was a collaboration between Mt Desolation and Lissie. This song being Divided Line a song that had been under rehearsed. Lissie had to have the lyrics stuck to the microphone stand. Maurus’s harmonising was amazing and her own solo bit was at the end of the song.


Lil’ Lovin
Everywhere I Go
When I’m Alone
In Sleep
Wedding Bells
Oh Mississippi

OVERALL: After Lissie had finished her last song I made my way to the back. I then had a chat with her and got my vinyl signed. Lissie is ever so nice and it was infact a fantastic evening. She even said Hi to me when she took to the stage.


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