iTunes Festival – Paloma Faith @ Roundhouse 7th July 2010

I arrived around about 2pm for this Itunes festival. There were few people already queuing. I was lucky to win tickets from Mercury Records. My plus 1 was snapped up by Ryan Walter. We finally got into the actual main space at 7pm and the show started at 8pm with Alan Pownall. Now having seen him support Lissie I didn’t leave as a massive fan. But hearing him play live again the songs really grew on me and I thoroughly enjoyed the set played. Most of the songs feature on debut LP True Love Stories whereas the cover of Somebody by The Strokes was fantastic. “Everyone likes The Strokes” Alan said. Chasing Time and Colourful Day are both brilliant songs.

Headlining this night at the Roundhouse was the one and only Paloma Faith. I had seen her live a couple of times before and I immediately fell in love with the songs that were song. The stage was incredible and I knew this was a special night. There were also two massive balloons at each end of the stage. When the intro was played on the monitors that started to get the crowd warmed up. Everyone then started to count down and when the stage went dark everyone was screaming and cheering. Paloma came on wearing a sparkly outfit and her hair was frizzy. The song that kicked off the night was the powerful Stone Cold Sober. This song was simply belted out and this is her centre piece as it was the debut single. Romance Is Dead saw no boy plucked out from the audience like the Shepherd’s Bush gig. To be honest if there was I would be mega jealous so would 3000 other people. “I brought my own little feature” Paloma said when holinding the massive white helium balloon. “Has anyone seen the film Up” she said before attaching the two white balloons to her. “I’m coming up, I want the world to know”.

The song being the beautiful Broken Doll. For a moment I thought Paloma was going to lift off with two helium balloons attached to her. But alas this was not the case. “Let me hear you Roundhouse“ Faith says. “Do you want the truth…. Screw the truth” “Let’s all tell beautiful lies to each other forever more” This song was to be a remixed version of Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? It starts off with the normal song then changes to a edgier remix which sounded up beat and funkier. “Let’s dance, I want to see you moving” Paloma said. Her guitarist Seye Adelekan then had a little jam to which the audience scream. Afterwards there is a warning issued by Paloma to any band scouts watching. “He’s signed a contract for life”. Smoke and Mirrors was next then after that was a cover of The Korgis Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime which sounded fantastic. “Let’s get down, Let’s get sultry” Paloma said before launching into Play On. It is another strong song belted out. At the same time it is beautiful. Nearing the end of the song she gets off the stage then comes up to the barrier. Before Stargazer Paloma reveals that she went to a Elton John party and they had this art installation. The starting bid was £500,000. “I was disgusted. So I turned round to the artist and went… I would but I just don’t have the space”. “It took me 7 years to make 5 grand once…. Let’s go to Disney”. Now Stargazer is a beautiful mellowing song and everyone had their hand in the air moving it from side to side.

My Legs Are Weak was next and was dedicated to Louie. It is clear to see that this song is very personal. Etta James cover At Last was next and Faith mentioned that she wanted it in the ether as it was being recorded. Following on was the storming Luv Ya. Everyone was jumping up and down. The penultimate song was the danceable Upside Down and was then rounded off with New York. Before starting New York Paloma took off her massive heels after nearly falling. This was a powerful song and it proved to be a massive singalong. Nearing the end she came back into the crowd then ran high fiving everyone who had their hand out at the front.


Stone Cold Sober
Romance Is Dead
Broken Doll
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful (Remix)
Smoke And Mirrors
Everybody’s Got To Lean Sometimes
Play On
My Legs Are Weak
At Last
Luv Ya
Upside Down
New York

OVERALL: This was a nice evening and Paloma revelled in it. She is a talent for all to see and has one tremendous voice. I most definitely would see her play live again. The same applies to Alan Pownall who was fantastic and I love his debut album this was released this week.


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