iTunes Festival – Kate Nash @ Roundhouse 6th July 2010

This gig was always going to be special and I was not wrong. It was also Kate’s birthday as well. The evening felt like Kate’s party and 2000 fans were invited to celebrate it. I arrived there and there were only two people there. More did turn up half hour later. When sitting down I spied Katy from Peggy Sue at first I was quick to believe that she was there because they are friends of Kate but I found out this not to be the case. Darwin Deez who was supposed to be supporting Kate had pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances. Supporting was Peggy Sue and it was the perfect choice of support. The last time I saw them play together was 11th July 2009. So at 6pm doors opened and people got their wristbands then it was another hour till the doors to inside opened. When the doors opened it was another wait till the first band were on the stage. When everyone got into the venue everyone was presented with a party bag. The balloons that were in there people blew up and people were chucking them up in the air like you would do with a ball at a packed festival. This did keep everyone entertained for a while. 8pm came and Peggy Sue took to the stage. I really enjoyed this 9 song set which delved into material from debut album Fossils And Other Phantoms plus a new song, an outstanding cover and two old classics. The cover of Missy Elliott’s All In My Grill which is a favourite of the band was brilliant. For a moment I thought Rosa was going to drop the mini xylophone she was holding. I quite liked the opening track The Shape We Made it is a beautiful slow song. Old classics Lazarus and The Sea, The Sea were sung. The Sea, The Sea got a good response. Ending the short set was brand new song Salt Walter which sounded amazing.


The Shape We Made
Long Division Blues
Yo Mama
All In My Grill
February Snow
The Sea, The Sea
Salt Water

Come 9.10pm the monitors and the screens displayed footage from previous iTunes shows which got people singing along. There was also a countdown as well till when the headlining act was on. So come 10 seconds everyone was counting down. So Kate takes the stage wearing what looked like a stripey black and white poncho and a tiara on her head. “Alright?” she said before launching into the first song Paris. Kate was on the keyboard and played this powerful fast infused song. It sounded amazing there was plenty of energy in the song. “So, it’s my birthday today, you’ve got no excuse not to be… enthusiastic”. Nash then went onto say that if the crowd were not enthusiastic that could ruin her birthday. The song that followed was Do Wah Doo and this song has a 60’s vibe to it which I really liked. Mouthwash got a rapturous response and plenty of people joined in. The lyrics are infectious and I can remember when it was released in 2008 I couldn’t stop singing the song and I was on work experience at HMV. So after the photographers had left it was time to move onto the guitar. Standing left centre is the best place to stand when seeing Kate as she always goes to play the guitar on the left hand side. Kiss That Grrl was up and it is a nice soft song. Before starting it that is when Kate pointed out the tiara and the fact Elliott had got it for her. The shouty Take Me To A Higher Plane was next and it still prooves to be a fantastic song. The whole 3000 strong audience then sing Happy Birthday in unison which truly was special. Kate picks up a balloon and mentions that the rabbit on there is her Fluffy which she got the previous year.

After all that it was onto the entrancing Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt. It is so mellowing and I easily get tingles down my spine. Before playing the next song Kate goes onto say “This may be quite difficult to achieve in the Roundhouse but I’m going to have to ask you to be quiet for the next song”.  Kate asked for some hush and said “Make the people at the bar embarrassed and the people who don’t want to be here”. One man shouted “we’re only here ‘cause it’s free” which gained a scathing reply. “Go home you prick” Kate said. This went on for over a minute and you could clearly see Kate was uncomfortable. I could of easily hit the person next to me who kept on making noise. So Kate then finally starts to play I Hate Seagulls. Even though it is a quite song the lyrics are quite strong. The line that made me smile was I hate rude ignorant bastards. There was a real emphasis put on that on line. I’ve Got A Secret was about homophobia and how stupid it is. After it was onto Later On which in my eyes should be a single. It started off fast and the lyrics are both catchy and beautiful. As always Foundations proved to be another sing along and was a real audience pleaser.

For Gorilla Munch Nash said she couldn’t remember the notes but got through the song faultlessly. Things darkened down for the next song Mansion Song. This is a mixture of song and spoken word which works. The tone is darker compared to the light hearted songs that are on the album. Still Kate powers through it at ease and was then backed with the punkish Model Behaviour. Now Merry Happy was up beat and fast in tempo. It was also very jolly and has lyrics you just want to sing along to. The ending of this song is always an epic one and this was when the balloons started falling from the ceiling. After 3000 fans sing happy birthday to Kate and she is also presented with a cake. The final song on the night was I Just Love You More. I am not sure about this punkish song ending such a spectacular set. Once over Nash said this is the end. But fans still stay and Kate then comes out for one final song Pumpkin Soup. This is when the confetti and golden ticker tape showered down on us. This was simply amazing and it was lovely hearing this song played live. At the end the space between stage and barrier was full of balloons. Once it was over there was something I will never forget. Kate got on top of the keyboard and stood there speaking to the crowd before exiting the stage.


Do Wah Doo
Kiss That Girl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt
I Hate Seagulls
I’ve Got A Secret
Later On
Gorilla Munch
Mansion Song
Model Behaviour
Merry Happy
I Just Love You More
Pumpkin Soup

OVERALL: Seeing Kate play live again was fantastic. The fact it was her birthday made the evening special. I think Kate was slightly annoyed especially before playing I Hate Seagulls. The fact Pumpkin Soup was played was a nice little treat for fans as this song hasn’t featured in any sets this year. I also caught Elliott’s drumstick which some guy threw into the crowd when the gig had finished.


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