Ellie Goulding @ Indigo2 5th July 2010

This was an exclusive Ellie Goulding gig. You could only win tickets if you spent £30 at one of the three Best Buys in the UK. As I run the Ellie Goulding Street Team this was going to be a meet up of some of its members. A few I had already met some I hadn’t. That was nice meeting new Ellie Goulding fans who share the same view of her. After waiting inside near the entrance people with standing tickets were told to go outside and wait. That is what I did. Thankfully it was not cold outside it was still annoying as it was warmer inside. Once the doors opened everyone started to go inside. Now I was at the front of the queue so I knew I was going to get a good spot inside. I was left centre right at the barrier waiting for the night to kick off. There was a DJ set and as soon as time moved on I was left wondering what time it would finish. Around about 8.30pm the support took to the stage. This being Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. I really enjoyed this set and this was the first time I had seen them live. Even though it was the first time I had seen them live I was a fan of their music. The set culminated in debut single Dance The Way I Feel. This was a song which had the crowd moving. The bands debut album The Golden Years is out in August and I will most definitely be getting a copy.

When it came to 9.30pm Ellie then made her way to the stage wearing a backless top and tiny shorts. The set then kicked of with the powerful song Lights (which only appeared as a iTunes only track from her album). Every Time You Go was nice and up tempo and has a dancey vibe to it and so did the next song This Love. Guns & Horses had a nice pace to it while the take on Midlake‘s Roscoe was superb. Your Biggest Mistake is another song that is addictive and it has perfect lyrics which gel perfectly to the up beat melody. For The Writer there were a lot of people waving their arms from left to right. Ellie also mentioned did anyone have any lighters if so use them. This song is a beautiful emotional ballad which Ellie’s sickly sweet vocals deliver perfectly. Before I’ll Hold My Breath Goulding introduced her band and wanted a rowdy crowd which was a first. I’ll Hold My Breath is a nice up tempo song which is fantastic and it has lyrics you want to sing along too. I am still awaiting Starsmith to pop up playing the Saxophone during this song. Salt Skin which is the last song on the physical version of the album and is a song about running away. It is a fantastic song and the vocals are so strong. Ellie’s drum solo was truly something. Ending the evening was the infectious Under The Sheets which did turn out to be a sing along. After they leave the stage only to return moments later for what was a 2 song encore. The first being the first song that was written this being an acoustic version of Wish I Stayed. A blistering version of Starry Eyed capped off the night and it oozed energy.


Every Time You Go
This Love
Guns & Horses
Your Biggest Mistake
The Writer
I’ll Hold My Breath
Salt Skin
Under The Sheets


Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: So after Goulding had finished it was then the aftershow. Nothing special as it took place in the area we were at. Some people stayed some people left. I decided to hang around for about 30mins. It was both a fun and special night. It was intimate compared to your Shepherd’s Bush and Brixton Academy but I enjoyed it. Ellie asking for a rowdy crowd came out of nowhere and many fans I know were quite surprised. The banter was exactly the same but you cant fault that as the music made up for that.


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  1. Camilla Wood says:

    What do you think I’ll Hold My Breath is about? Why do you think she wrote it?

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