Eliza Doolittle @ Selfridges 12th July 2010

I do like last minute gigs. After having arrived back from Coventry earlier on in the day I receive a tweet while signed into my account. Eliza Doolittle was having an album launch at Selfridges at 5pm. Now I was going to be in London later on to see Lissie at The Flowerpot so I thought this was a ideal way of seeing two artists whose music I loved. So about 1hr later I upped sticks and made my way to the city. I got to Selfridges at 3.30pm purchased the CD and got wrist banded up. So I eventually found where the stage was and this was on the ground floor near where the bags are. A barrier was then put out there was to be photographers hence rope barrier. Eliza then came onto the stage to pose for the cameras then went back off. The photographers only stayed for one song which was good. This was probably down to the fact it was limited to 3 songs. Still it showcased the two singles plus her cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby which has been gaining a fantastic response. Skinny Genes opened up the set and it is a beautiful song and the fact it was acoustic was stunning. For Baby Eliza asked for people to join in. No one did join in as they were too busy listening to this fantastic cover. She definitely added her own twist and it sounded fantastic acoustic. Ending things was Pack Up which had crashed into the charts and entered at #12 the day before. I like the nice summery feel to each one of Eliza’s song and the fact she was playing acoustic with Charlie on a acoustic guitar was fantastic (he also played the ukulele). After the three songs Eliza then did a signing for people that had purchased the album from HMV and had a wristband. Only 100 copies were getting signed. I then met Eliza got my CD signed left and made my way to Kentish Town.


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