Wireless Festival @ Hyde Park 4th July 2010

Arriving the time the gates opened at 12pm I was faced with a dilemma. Do I find a spot at the main stage and stay there throughout the afternoon or go off to another stage then come back later. I did want to see Eliza Doolittle and Laura Steele on the Bandstand but my soul intention on seeing Lily Allen was far greater. I don’t think I would have been to pleased if I couldn’t get a good spot to see her. From 1pm I was at the main stage everyone was sitting down. I was literally at the front but 2nd row. Which was good in a way considering I saw a lot of it despite being on the right side beneath the monitor which was showing the event to the people far back. The first artist on the main stage was Bluey Robinson. I had previously seen him perform and I really enjoyed his set. One of the songs performed was his extraordinary cover of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You.

Second up was Mr Hudson who arrived on stage in crutches. He had hurt his foot but it didn’t stop him performing a incredible set which included White Lies, Fade Away, Supernova plus others. When a new song was sung Mr Hudson said if the crowd liked it they would have to play it twice. Cue a mass of bottles being thrown. It was slightly scary and many people were ducking to avoid being hit. After the changeover Roll Deep came on. At first was a rendition of Wiley’s Wearing My Rolex. The crowd were definitely up for having a good time. Other songs sung on the evening was Good Times and Green Light which Jodie Connor joined in with.

Chipmunk played a hit packed set featuring Chip Diddy Chip which opened up things. Plus Diamond Rings, Until You’re Gone and Oopsy Daisy. Plus there were covers of Number One Enemy, Tiny Dancer and Touch The Sky. The crowd were definitely enjoying this set.

The set by Slash was truly something spectacular. It was rock and roll at its best. Myles Kennedy was the vocalist with Slash and a couple other members on guitar. The set featured Starlight from Slash’s solo album plus some Guns ‘n’ Roses songs which were Night Train , Paradise City and Sweet Child o’ Mine. There were actually some crazy Slash fans in the crowd. I enjoyed the set even though I am not a huge fan of rock music. Slash’s guitar solos were truly impressive.

The set by Friendly Fires was cut short. They said it was due to Slash but the band came on 10 minutes late. While Slash finished on time. Well I am not a huge Friendly Fires fan but the set played was enjoyable. There were plenty of other people that were loving the music being played. Songs sung on the night included Skeleton Boy, Kiss Of Life and Jump In The Pool.

Second headliner on the night was Lily Allen. She came out retirement at Jay Z’s request. Still it was a enjoyable set which featured tracks from both albums. Once onstage the crowd were going crazy and she launched into LDN. This is a nice summery song and everyone was singing along. Following on straight after was Everyone’s At It which is about taking drugs. I like this song it is very powerful. 22 is a upbeat song with fantastic lyrics. “I am beyond excited (to see Jay Z), I hope he lets us watch (at side of stage) from there, bet he wont” Lily said before launching herself into the beautiful I Could Say. This was a slushy slow song which gathered pace from the chorus onwards. Who’d Of Known was then dedicated to her boyfriend Sam Cooper. Again it is another soft song which has a chorus which has the same melody as Shine by Take That. The bottle throwing was still happening and Lily had a message to them. “You made a girl cry in the last few minutes as they have been hit on heads with bottles. So please stop doing it” . There was then a whoop then Lily said “For anyone who persists in doing well this songs devoted to you”. For a moment I thought this song was going to provoke the crowd into carrying on throwing the bottles. Well the song being Fuck You. During the song everyone flipped their middle fingers up. One of my favourite songs from Alright Still followed on this being Littlest Things. Lily’s vocals are stunning and this was a beautiful catchy song. “This next song is about my sister” “We used to not get on so well but we are good now” “This song is Go Back To The Start and its about going back to the start”. This was a electro number and I liked its fast pace. Debut single Smile was next and that was then followed by a appearance by Professor Green for Just Be Good To Green. The Fear then got the cheers and it had people singing along to the chorus. “This is probably my last gig in London for a long time, well properly”. This song that rounded off the set was the countrified Not Fair. Everyone was clapping along to this song and getting into the song. Once over I then made the decision to make my way out of the crowd and go to the back.


Everyone’s At It
I Could Say
Who’d Of Known
Fuck You
Littlest Things
Back To The Start
Just Be Good To Green
The Fear
Not Fair

So I made my way to the back. I chose to do this because I thought Jay Z fans would be alot rowdy trying to get their best to get to the front. The set by Jay Z was running late he was due to come on at 8.45 but it was more like 9pm when he came on stage.  Now I am not a massive Jay Z fan. Don’t get me wrong but I like some of his songs but I am not a massive fan who has heard everything that has been released. I left at 9.30pm after watching Jay Z sing Run This Town, 99 Problems, Empire State Of Mind and a few others. I had expected special guests to join in but Rihanna or Alicia did not make a appearence.

OVERALL: It was a nice afternoon/ evening. Lily was marvelous as always and I actually quite liked Slash. His guitar solos were amazing. I did not appreciate the bottle throwing though. People say its part of the festival experience but bottles weren’t thrown on Friday.


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