Wireless @ Hyde Park 2nd July 2010

This was my first time at the Wireless festival. I had booked for the two days. Main reason was I wanted to see Lily Allen on the last day. Headlining the Friday was P!nk after having heard and seen what her Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour made me eagerly anticipate her set. So I arrived at 11.30 and there were plenty of people queuing. Once the barriers were then taken away there were then a scrum of people that surged forward. When they finally opened at 14.30 tickets were scanned and bags were checked. I then got through and sprinted to the main stage. I managed to reach the barrier but my insides were killing me. It helps when you are with someone because if they get there before you they can just save you a space. The stage was already set up for Bowling For Soup and there was a 90 minute wait till they were on. 4pm came and the band took to the stage. I had been a fan since the first album but never experienced them live. The set played was a mixture of tracks from their last 4 albums. The set mainly focused on tracks from Drunk Enough To Dance and A Hangover You Don’t Deserve. So when Jaret and the rest of the band comes on stage he says “We’re the greatest rock and roll band that has ever lived” then launches into The Bitch Song. Even though they are a rock and roll band there are elements of pop music in the songs. After Jaret mentions he is drinking a pink drink which was symbolic. The next song was a song about the great state of Texas Ohio. I like this song there is a slight fast pace and loads of references to Texas and Ohio. My Wena taken from the current album Sorry For Partyin’ is a song about puppies. Even though this was the first time I had heard this song it is very up beat and the vocals are spot on. The Last Rock Show was played at a fast pace and during it Chris walked down the catwalk. Everyone was clapping to the beat. “Put your rock and roll hands to the air like this” Jaret said before launching into Punk Rock 101. This was a catchy song and I enjoyed the pace to it. There are references to Bon Jovi and I love the part where it slows down. Half way into the song they stop playing. “For the first time ever attempt in the history of the main stage at the Wireless Festival this is your musically enhanced Bowling For Soup photography opportunity”. So they all walked to both sides of the stage and posed when people were taking photographs. Once over they then finished off Punk Rock 101. Almost was next and was definitely up beat and the chorus was a strong one as well. It is definitely one of my favourites from A Hangover You Don’t Deserve. High School Never Ends followed on and after that was 1985. This song got a good response from the crowd and I enjoyed the tempo. It has lyrics you want to join in with and there are definitely references to other bands. “This song is about love and love lost” and this then lead to a superb special cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ which got the cheers. There were plenty of people singing along and it felt like it was a anthem. Two Seater was funny because Jaret was making faces to the camera which was then beamed up to the TV monitors that were hanging up on stage. Wrapping up the set was Girl All The Bad Guys Want and it got the cheers when the song started. This was the perfect warm up act and they said they put the best band on first. I would have been happy to listen to them for longer but they were told to wrap up their set so they don’t eat into other peoples stage time. It was then a short wait for the next band which was not my thing.


The Bitch Song
My Wena
Last Rock Show
Punk Rock 101
High School Never Ends
Don’t Stop Believin’
Two Seater
Girl All The Bad Guys Want

The following band was Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. Even though Taylor Hawkins is the drummer in Foo Fighters it felt as he was a big fish in a small pond. He stuck out as a sore thumb. Nothing against him but this was billed as a day of Pop music and Taylor was a mixture of Rock/ Indie. A couple of people around me had lost complete interest and some were even sitting down thoughout the performance. Following on was another change over where they set up the stage for the set by The Gossip. Beth Ditto came on wearing a spiky top and then launched into biggest hit Standing In The Way Of Control. The set was 10 songs long and featured material by both albums Standing In The Way Of Control and Music For Men. The crowd were definitely in the mood plus one fan was definitely enjoying the set. Four Letter Word had a beat and sounds amazing whilst 8th Wonder is fast in pace with vocals which were belted out. Yr Mangled Heart was then followed on by 2012. A cover of Psycho Killer went down well and Listen Up followed straight on. This was a fast paced full flowing song. Love Long Distance got the cheers and there were people singing along with the chorus. It was Tina Turner cover What’s Love Got To Do With It? Which got the whole audience singing. Very surreal having a massive audience of people singing along to the song. The brief set then ended with Heavy Cross which starts of steady then gets heavier as it gradually progresses. There was plenty of banter by Beth who also said “Sometimes I think I’m Rosie O’Donnell” stated Beth. “Sometimes other people do too”. Also during the set Beth kicked of her shoes into the sky. When coming onto the stage Beth mentioned about her desire to give P!nk a piggy back when her headline slot started.


Standing In The Way Of Control
Four Letter Word
8th Wonder
Yr Mangled Heart
Psycho Killer
Listen Up
Love Long Distance
What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Heavy Cross

I was looking forward to seeing The Ting Tings set. The main reason being I last saw them in 2008. Katie mentioned that they took a break from recording follow up album Massage Kunst just to play at Wireless. They came on three minutes late but that did not matter because they finished on time. I spied the set list and saw there was only 8 songs and thought how is it going to last for 50 minutes. What was played was a greatest hits set plus two album tracks. Kicking things of was We Walk which got the crowd worked up and clapping in unison. “One small request is you fucking dance” Katie said before launching into fantastic performance of Great DJ. Fruit Machine saw Katie bend down hitting this pedal. Nice song as well pretty energetic and vocals were spot on. Keep You Head had people clapping along with the beat. Then it was onto the title track of the first album We Started Nothing. Katie was playing the electric guitar and was joined by a group of people who were playing the Saxophone/ Trumpet. Forthcoming singing Hands was next. It is always nice to hear new material as it makes the set that little bit special. Katie was on the keytar and the Saxophone/ Trumpet players came back onstage holding posts which said Work and Dance. “Clap your hands if your working to hard” now this song is completely different to the first album because it has a electro feel to it. “Thank you for coming to watch us and giving us a excuse to come out the studio” “The hand clap is the best instrument ever” Katie said before launching into Shut Up & Let Me Go. This song was definitely a crowd pleaser. Once over there was only one song that could end this amazing set this being number 1 That’s Not My Name. The song got the crowd fired up and Katie also used the catwalk. So after it was over it was then a 30 minute wait till P!nk.


We Walk
Great DJ
Fruit Machine
Keep Your Head
We Started Nothing
Shut Up & Let Me Go
That’s Not My Name

The set by P!nk was truly incredible. A box then hovers above the crowd. Fairground music was being played and the box then opened and P!nk came hurtling down on a wire with loads of balloons. There was then a very short performance of Get The Party Started in which P!nk had the aid of a gold megaphone. The crowd was literally going crazy. Funhouse had plenty of people singing along and they were definitely in the party mood. Ave Mary A was very lively and beautiful at the same time. “Thank you for coming to play with us tonight”. “Are you already to have a good time”. The song that followed was one about loosing someone and P!nk needed us to be her drums. This was the beautiful catchy and slightly emotional Who Knew. Bad Influence was then followed with Just Like A Pill which got a rapture of whoops and screams. Everyone was singing along with the chorus. Please Don’t Leave Me is a catchy strong song. Sober felt like another anthem with everyone singing along to it. Heavier songs I’m Not Dead and then Unwind were next on the night. Unwind was especially impressive as there were more acrobatics from P!nk. She climbed this two sheets and started twirling about. It was truly a spectacle plus there was no use of a safety wire. An acoustic session then started with I Don’t Believe You. This song was more softer and sombre. It sounded absolutely beautiful. “Let’s get political” P!nk said before playing Dear Mr President. This was a slow song played acoustically with Eve and Dan.

Everyone was singing along to this song. Butch Walker then came onto the stage for Mean and stayed for the next three songs which were basically covers. The covers were special the first being a mash up of My Generation and Basket Case. Butch sang My Generation while P!nk performed Basket Case. Then it was onto a blistering version of Roxanne. What happened after was P!nk got into this large hamster ball and was launched into the crowd. The crowd were holding her up and after she thanked everyone for doing so. “Wow, I have so much more respect for hamsters now”. The up tempo Try Too Hard followed on and after was What’s Up. This is when a fan comes onto the stage and sings. Natasha Moore couldn’t believe that she was on the same stage as P!nk and she had a extraordinary voice. Even P!nk said “You sing better than I do”. U + Ur Hand proved to be another sing along while final song Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) P!nk encouraged people to dance like a dork. I really like this song. Well when the set is over the lights go out only for two people to come back out then pull the voltage switch to power up the carnival. Now the encore was truly spectacular. Strapped into a harness P!nk performed So What while hovering above the crowd. It capped off a fantastic night. There were also pyros as well.


Get The Party Started
Ave Mary A
Who Knew
Bad Influence
Just Like A Pill
Please Don’t Leave Me
I’m Not Dead
I Don’t Believe You
Dear Mr President
Basket Case/ My Generation
Try Too Hard
What’s Up
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)


So What

OVERALL: This was the first time I had seen P!nk play. What was put on was a spectacular show that has left me with the urge of seeing her again. The support acts were fantastic as well Bowling For Soup were fabulous and it was nice seeing The Ting Tings again. Didn’t take to Taylor Hawkins though.


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  1. Liam Hicks says:

    Great BFS Review!! You should definitely consider going to see them in concert on one of their tours. I have seen them 3 times now, once acoustic, and twice full band, and they and not yet failed to impress me 😀

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