Lissie @ Fopp 24th June 2010

After having seen the talent which is Lissie play the night before I then jumped at the chance of seeing her again. This time it was both signing and live performance. The debut album Catching A Tiger had been released and Lissie had previously attended a instore at Fopp in Manchester on the Monday when the album was released. This was the first time I had ever been to Fopp. I could of visited in 2008 to see Simple Plan but opted not to as I was in the queue for the Simple Plan gig at the Astoria. I arrived at 3.30pm which is not that early considering it kicked off at 5pm. It was a surprise when I was told to just hang around the store as there was no proper queue. Yes Fopp is not heavily advertised on the internet but I had expected quite a few people to be there considering Bush Hall was a complete sell out. The live set was due to take place in the basement so I just hung round the barrier waiting for 5pm to come. When the timed neared the queue did get longer and it was running a little late. This was due to Lissie having been shopping round London and she still needed to sound check. Thankfully it wasn’t delayed that badly. It just made me anticipate it even more. When you see artists who you really like in such a intimate environment does get you excited as it is something special. This night was just that special and intimate in every way. There were a few photographers there taking pictures for the press. For the very first time the people in the front row were told to sit down so people at the back could see. Now that was extremely unusual as I have been to instores before but they have been standing. Still I had no problems sitting as I could completely understand why they suggested it. Now the photographers only took photos for one song which was good then went after. “We played at Bush Hall last night and it was so fun”. Opening up this short set was Lil’ Lovin I love the beat to this song. The title of the debut EP Why You Runnin’ features in this song. This song is upbeat and it is delivered perfectly. Maurus then warms up her voice a little then goes onto say “Maybe you guys may know this next song it’s a single from the album called When I‘m Alone”. Lissie then changes the key on the guitar for this song. Well When I’m Alone is a fantastic song. There is so much passion and a dash of emotion in this song. This song is belted out at ease. Everywhere I Go has a powerful chorus. This song is also really beautiful and played at a steady pace. Cuckoo was a steady song which is light as well. I love the melody of this song the lyrics fit perfectly. It is also delivered strongly and you have the urge to join in with saying Cuckoo. Before starting the final song of the evening Lissie mentioned tell friends or family about the album Catching A Tiger. “Or random people you just see on the street tell them too”. In Sleep is a strong song which is fast paced. I love the guitar solo in this song.


Lil’ Lovin
When I’m Alone
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep

OVERALL: This was a nice intimate instore which gave us a insight to the tracks on the debut album Catching A Tiger. After the live performance Lissie stayed to meet the fans and sign Cds. It was wonderful to meet her again and have a chat with her. I love the folk/ country music she sings it is simply beautiful. I’mcounting down the days till her headline show at the ICA.


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